Posted on October 8, 2007
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15 responses to “ATP Gives: Remembering October 8, 2005”

  1. Tina says:

    Great post. Does anybody know anything about the picture of the girl, who she is and what happened to her? I am curious.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Allah (SWT) ka din aik REHMAT hay ,
    Ussay Khuda’ra ZEHMAT mat Banai’iey

    Shab-e-Qadr aur Eid Mubarak to all in Pakistan.

  3. Qandeel says:

    When I first saw this picture it seriously gave me the spine-chills. Its almost as haunting is that famous National Geographic cover of an Afghani girl: yA_story.html

    Incidentally, I read in Dawn today that Musharraf is rather pleased with the reconstruction efforts in the quake-hit regions, and it seems the government will be doing more to help:

    Its refreshing to see the government and civil society so aware and active with regards to this isue. Also I think the responsibility being felt by Pakistanis within and outside Pakistan is commendable and even inspiring. There is some goodness still left!

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Qiblah Bilal Saheb

    I have just (5.30 pm) replied to Ayesha’s post, who refered to Allah’s wrath. pls. have a look at it.

    I will try to clarify that, AlMighty IS Always Merciful, we have no idea, if He starts opening up our accounts, what have we done to each other, and to the nature with which we cohabit, well, the entire population will sieze to exist, He is ,
    thank God, not judging us every morning, as we are perfectly consience of our acts.

    Nobody can ever force Allah (SWT) to wage war against
    each others, we are destroying our own planet which was bestowed to us, go and enjoy !

  5. Assalamo Alaikum!

    I am interesting in submitting one of my post at ATP. Can you guide me how to do it?