UPDATED: Younis Khan 4000 & Yasir Hameed 2000

Posted on October 20, 2007
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Owais Mughal
In the first ODI between Pakistan and South Africa, Younis Khan became the 11th cricketer of Pakistan to complete 4000 or more runs in ODIs. And in the third ODI of the same series, Yasir Hameed became the 18th cricketer of Pakistan to complete 2000 or more runs in ODIs. Here is the list of eighteen most prolific career run getters for Pakistan in ODIs. These stats are valid as of Oct 23, 2007.
1. Inzamam-ul-Haq 11739 runs at 39.52 runs/inning
2. Saeed Anwar 8823 at 39.21
3. M Yousuf 8309 at 41.75
4. Javed Miandad 7381 at 41.7
5. Saleem Malik 7170 at 32.88
6. Ijaz Ahmed 6564 at 32.33
7. Rameez Raja 5841 at 32.09
8. Shahid Afridi 5157 at 23.44
9. Aamer Sohail 4780 at 31.86
10. Abdul Razzak 4465 at 29.96
11. Younis Khan 4042 at 30.85
12. Shoaib Malik 3757 at 34.15
13. Wasim Akram 3717 at 16.52
14. Imran Khan 3709 at 33.41
15. Moin Khan 3266 at 23.00
16. Mudassar Nazar 2653 at 25.26
17. Zaheer Abbas 2572 at 47.62
18. Yasir Hameed 2017 at 38.05

8 responses to “UPDATED: Younis Khan 4000 & Yasir Hameed 2000”

  1. John Doe says:

    I truely and honestly believe that Younis Khan is a worthless player.

    There are several reasons. First reason is his technical skills. he does not have all the shots a batsmen can play. He only has certain areas of filed where he can play, and that too is poor. He did scored, but his scoring abilities are so limited you never trust an innings on him.

    Secondly, he has never proven himself worthy by playing a completely match winning innings. Can you recall when he hit winning shot solely because of his own efforts or anchored his team out of disaster. He got plenty of oppurtunities to deliver, but did he ever. At least I dont recall. I havent watched his recent performance against SA so I might be missing out on those.

    Thirdly his character. When the team was in a leadership crisis, he tried to cut through senior players to get the captancy, when he was only two years into the team. Fortunately he did not tried it this time to cut Shoib Malik.

  2. Affan says:

    I miss Saeed Anwar! :|

  3. Aqil Sajjad says:

    I remember, back in 1994, when I checked the May edition of the cricketer magazine (which contained the one day international records of all players who had played one day cricket in the previous year), I was shocked to see that Jayasuria’s average was less than 20. But we all know today, what a player he is.
    Younis Khan has been performing much more consistently in the last 2-3 years, he is certainly much more capable than his average suggests.

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