Bonded Labor in Karachi ..mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru ….and awazaru?

Posted on November 1, 2007
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Owais Mughal

I consider this photo a fantastic one because it catches the plight, hopelessness and face expressions of ‘be-zubaan’ (animals). Note the twig in master’s hand. Sad. I am however unsure if there are 4 monkeys or the photo is retouched to capture four instances of the same monkey. The road island in the background seems a bit disjointed.

‘mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru’ in Japanese means ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. The source of this famous saying is a pictorial maxim on a door of the famous Tosho-gu shrine. The shrine is located in Nikko, Japan and door dates back to 17th century. The above photo reminded me of those ‘three wise monkeys’ (except here we have four). I named the 4th one awazaru because he looks pretty ‘awazar’ (bored).
Photo Credits: Abro.

12 responses to “Bonded Labor in Karachi ..mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru ….and awazaru?

  1. Qandeel says:

    There are lots of injustices in Pakistan that have become routine, leaving the senses absolutely immune to them. The desensitization is the bigger tragedy. In many ways the Pakistan of today is like Charles Dickens England.

  2. Hashemite says:

    They look like our Pakistani politicians,on TV Talk shows
    and the guy with the leash is uncle SAM

  3. Hashemite says:

    They look like our Pakistani politicians,on TV Talk show

  4. Amina says:

    I agree with ayesha …

  5. Abid says:

    Monkey See Monkey Do. What is our excuse? Why do we with our so-called Pakistaniat and Islamiat always end up copying the worst traits and rituals from the non-Muslims and not their good traits and qualities?

    But than again, except for the very wild monkeys, they don

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