Pakistani Labor in Dubai

Posted on May 26, 2008
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Owais Mughal

This is an AP news story. It shows Pakistani labor preparing for their dinner in their room in a Dubai labor camp. Photo is dated Feb 2008.

Pakistani labor Dubai UAE Middle East

According to the news story:

Dubai’s astonishing building boom, which has made it one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, has been fueled by the labor of about 700,000 immigrants — almost all from poor, rural villages in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

14 responses to “Pakistani Labor in Dubai”

  1. Maria says:

    I want to do something for them.. help them in anyway.. how can i??

  2. Faisal says:

    People of Dubai are very bad and Inshallah Dubai bad people will finished in a few year. Aameen

    Email ID:

  3. afarooq says:

    HI ALL,

    i left pakistan when i was 12, i am 46 now living in canada, came to sargodha, pakistan once, the human treatment, total dis-regards and any respect to fellow country men and women in pakistan was disgusting, so nerver mind arabs or anyone else, there’s more injutice and descrimination within pakistan.

  4. Abdul Hai says:

    Having lived and worked in seven countries in the Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Canada, England, and USA, I found the Middle East the worst place to live for a Pakistani. It does not matter if he is educated professional or a laborer, US citizen or Pakistani passport holder. Arabs, our so called muslim brothers, are the worst employers and practice discrimination that is unheard of in Europe or North America. Every person of Pakistani origin is a Maskeen/Rafiq and open to abuse.

    Of couse the blame must rest on us and not on Arabs for keeping my fellow Pakistani origin people in inhuman conditions. We (not the government) have not been able to provide the Pakistani citizens the basic education which could prevent this bizzare happenings.

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