Learning Resource Center, Nushki

Posted on February 8, 2008
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Owais Mughal

This is the photo of the Learning Resource Center at the Government Boys Primary School, Ghareebabad II in Nushki, Balochistan. Photo credits belong to Mr. Qudrat Barrech who is a teacher at this school. One can see interesting things in this photo. I am very happy to see this mini library in an area as remote as Nushki. Photo is dated May 11, 2007.

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  1. Moiz says:

    I tried and tried but could not find the California based NGO that installs Internet access in African villages and powers them by solar panels. the whole setup including the panel and the computer and the rest costs around 1500 dollars each.
    But basically my idea was if we could do the same or find an NGO that will take this initiative with the teacher.
    But i will keep on looking for that NGO in the meanwhile.

  2. Moiz says:

    I was wondering if we could add a printer and possibly Internet access to this computer it can work miracles by adding a vast ocean of knowledge at the disposal of the people who use this center.
    There is an NGO that i visited just recently that actually installs free onternet access in very remote areas of Africa. Let me look it up and post the link here and maybe email them as well.

  3. There needs to be an formal information exchange that connects wonderful “Labor of Love” projects like these to donors . Not sure if it is possible. I was just watching the “Garage School” documentary that I happened upon through one of your links to the Offroad Pakistan videos, and it was really and inspiring thing to see.

    I am starting to get the feeling that Pakistaniat (The blog) should be made required reading in Pakistani Schools! :)

  4. Zia says:

    Allah bless the people who are running centers like these. They are the ones who are holding Pakistan against all odds.

    Thanks Owais for posting this.

  5. Aamer says:

    Again, these things should not come as a surprise in such a modern world etc etc but its soo relieving to find such things exist.
    I am sure these things exist all over Pakistan but we never get to see it, thanks to the biased cameras (which don’t find these worth a shot)

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