Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Should Be The Next President of Pakistan?

Posted on February 23, 2008
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The writing is on the wall for Pervez Musharraf. The only thing undecided is if he will go on his own volition or will he be eased out. So the question now is, who will they agree to nominate as the next President of Pakistan?

Aitizaz Ahsan for President?Who for President?Iftikhar Chaudhry for President?Nawaz Sharif for President?Imran Khan for President?Asif Zardari for President?

Anyone remembers Justice Rafiq Tarar? The guy who dashed off to Quetta on a government plane in the middle of the night to twist the Balochistan High Court at the behest of Abbaji. Yes, the same Rafiq Tarrar who claims he is still the President of Pakistan?

And if we are not in a mood for a flowing beard then there are other options not in any particular order.

Iftikhar Chaudhry
Zardari has reservations about restoring him to the bench and Sharif has made his restoration the cornerstone of his campaign. Both are agreed on judicial reforms, so the best compromise would be to ease him into Presidency. vakil bhee khush, quam bhee khush.

Aitezaz Ahsan
He is articulate, respected, intelligent, and in the forefront since March 09, 2007. And while Asif Zardari consolidates himself in PPPP what better way than to kick him upstairs?

Imran Khan
The poor fellow does not have a constituency, but has lots of passion and rhetoric. Him minus 58 -2(b) would be a good combination.

Asif Zardari
He is not a graduate, not a member of this assembly and needs to gain his spurs in politics after the sad assassination of Benazir Bhutto. From the top he can keep a better eye on dissent within PPPP. If he accepts, he would like to have the 58-2-(b) danda handy.

Nawaz Sharif
He is barred from becoming the Prime Minister and is not a member of this Assembly. He has been the Premier of Punjab and Prime Minister of Pakistan twice. And if he accepts the Presidency he would also like to have the 58-2-(b) around just in case.

So who is your choice?

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86 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Should Be The Next President of Pakistan?”

  1. AZFAR says:

    Of the faces in your pictures the most dangerous one got the job

  2. andy mirza says:

    i think the best option for pakistan is the PML-N

  3. Naeem Shmim says:


    I humbly ask all of you that have you ever seen a President like Musharaf before? I mean the calibure and popularity that he has gained on the international stage is really not negligible. So as wise countreynen we must support our leader and after all the vision that he has is very much resembling to the vision of Jinnah. Believe me he speaks like a statesman and all the above choices are bogus and unpractical.

  4. Omar says:

    Next President will be Nawaz Sharif sometime in 2008. Once that happens PML-N will leave the coalition and there will be new elections in 2009 which the PML-N will win with a majority. Shabaz Sharif will then be the Prime-minister.

  5. Umair says:

    No one is best option only Musharaf is best option.

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