Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Will Be Pakistan’s New Prime Minister?

Posted on March 1, 2008
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Adil Najam

Before the elections Dawn News had done a series on who should become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. I am not sure what the result there was. But I do know that the question is real again. Much more real.

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Speculation is rife. Theories about. The more we talk about it, the more confused we get. The game is interesting, but is it just a game?

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There are too many questions, and too few answers.

  • Will we get a grand ‘coalition of [nearly] the whole, which will have 3/4th majority and could replace the President and rehabilitate the Constitution?
  • Will PPP and PML-N part ways – either because PML-N will choose to be the ‘friendly’ opposition or because they both realize they cannot work together?
  • What about the PML-Q? They are also talking to the PPP. Is a PPP-PML-Q coalition on teh cards?
  • They say Amin Fahim is over, is he?
  • Will we get a PM from the Punjab – Gillani, Qureshi or Mukhtar – to highlight that PPP is not just a ‘Sindhi’ party? If so, will this is permanent or temporary while the party waits for Asif Zardari to be elected from somewhere?
  • With Maulana Fazlur Rahman doing his ‘meetings’, is he still in the game?
  • What about the ANP? Could we see a consensus candidate emerging from there in the ruling coalition?
  • And what about the provinces. It seemed that things were clear – PML-N in the Punjab, PPP in Sindh, ANP in NWFP and PML-Q in Balochistan. Will that actually be?

And you could answer any of them in the affirmative depending on what you already think and which news reports you have been reading. Any ideas what might actually happen?

Pakistan Election Results 2008

In a recent post on ATP ‘temporal‘ had asked who should become the next president of Pakistan. We ask a similar question today but the intent this time is not normative, but practical. The question, this time, is not who should become the next President, but who you think will become the next Prime Minister, given the way the cards have been dealt with the last elections.

so, Koun Baney Ga Wazeer-i-Aazm? Any thoughts?

60 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Will Be Pakistan’s New Prime Minister?”

  1. 3s.r.m says:

    makhdoom amin fahim .

  2. Fazil Ali says:

    The Makhdoom Amin fahim is the most deserving person for this post.

  3. Marianne says:

    I think Mr. Taj Haider is the only one who deserves to be Prime Minister of PAKISTAN

  4. hassan says:

    I think we should well com USA. we all are toys and our leaders are zero. we killed bhuto and we can kill every who love pakistan.shame for all pakistanies.



    Allah will give pakistan prospertiy amin

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