Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Should Be The Next President of Pakistan?

Posted on February 23, 2008
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The writing is on the wall for Pervez Musharraf. The only thing undecided is if he will go on his own volition or will he be eased out. So the question now is, who will they agree to nominate as the next President of Pakistan?

Aitizaz Ahsan for President?Who for President?Iftikhar Chaudhry for President?Nawaz Sharif for President?Imran Khan for President?Asif Zardari for President?

Anyone remembers Justice Rafiq Tarar? The guy who dashed off to Quetta on a government plane in the middle of the night to twist the Balochistan High Court at the behest of Abbaji. Yes, the same Rafiq Tarrar who claims he is still the President of Pakistan?

And if we are not in a mood for a flowing beard then there are other options not in any particular order.

Iftikhar Chaudhry
Zardari has reservations about restoring him to the bench and Sharif has made his restoration the cornerstone of his campaign. Both are agreed on judicial reforms, so the best compromise would be to ease him into Presidency. vakil bhee khush, quam bhee khush.

Aitezaz Ahsan
He is articulate, respected, intelligent, and in the forefront since March 09, 2007. And while Asif Zardari consolidates himself in PPPP what better way than to kick him upstairs?

Imran Khan
The poor fellow does not have a constituency, but has lots of passion and rhetoric. Him minus 58 -2(b) would be a good combination.

Asif Zardari
He is not a graduate, not a member of this assembly and needs to gain his spurs in politics after the sad assassination of Benazir Bhutto. From the top he can keep a better eye on dissent within PPPP. If he accepts, he would like to have the 58-2-(b) danda handy.

Nawaz Sharif
He is barred from becoming the Prime Minister and is not a member of this Assembly. He has been the Premier of Punjab and Prime Minister of Pakistan twice. And if he accepts the Presidency he would also like to have the 58-2-(b) around just in case.

So who is your choice?

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86 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Should Be The Next President of Pakistan?”

  1. Kamran says:

    If Mushrraf has to go then definately Imran Khan

  2. Daktar says:

    I think the correct answer is : “NONE OF THE ABOVE” (although I would love to see Aitizaz in that role)

    Maybe someone like Justice Wajihuddin will be a good choice.

    We need someone serious and determined to restore the constitution after all the mess that has been created in it by first Zia and now Musharraf.

  3. Roshan says:

    Aitezaz Ahsan is the most appropriate for this post.

  4. Malique says:

    Chaudhary Iftikhar’s installment as a president wouldn’t be a good choice because we want an independent judiciary more than we do a gift-for-all president.

    Imran Khan is politically too naive to hold a position like that and that too at the time when people see him as the main reason behind failure of APDM.

    PPPP won its vote not because of a person who is still viewed by many as corrupt and “tilting-t0-right wing” politician,but for being a leftist party.Besides Zardari might not enjoy the confidence of masses for not doing something people have came out for-reinstatement of judes.

    In the long run,major political parties like PPPP wouldn’t be as comfortable Nawaz Sharif as a president whose mission doesn’t quite synchronize with their own.

    Aitzaz Ahsan is capable and widely respected.He can serve a keystone or bridge between the two offices,PM & President.Besides,his stance on judiciary is what really compelled most of educated class to come out and vote.He really seems and has proved to knows his business and he,I believe,is the most suitable person for the highest slot!

  5. Poalee says:

    Why not give minorities a chance. If India can have a Muslim president, why can’t pakistan have a Hindu, christian (or a woman for that matter)…I know our constitution might not allow this…why not first amend that…

    How about Bhagwan Das ..he would make a good pres

  6. Daktar says:

    I want to second Paolee’s suggestion.

    Justice Bhagwan Das WOUDL be an excellent choice. And not just because he is from a minority group but because he has proved his democratic credentials and stand for principles.

  7. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar says:

    Justice Wajihuddin – the great man!

  8. zia m says:

    I am for amending the constitution to let minorities in.
    Justice Bhagwan Das is excellent choice but he has to be out of office for 2 years before he canbe eligible.
    Justice Wajihuddin will be great President.

  9. Eidee Man says:

    I think Aitzaz Ahsan would work really well in this role. Amin Fahim should be PM and Aitzaz should be President. This is certainly possible if Musharraf vacates or is kicked out.

  10. Usman Khan says:

    A point of law – the president has to be a person who is eligible to be in parliament (and, additionally, be a muslim with a higher age limit). so:

    1. the religion rule will have to be changed for a non-muslim to be elected president.

    2. zardari will have to become a graduate.

    3. both the proposed justices claim still to be in office, so continue to be civil servants. even if their service is considered terminated from 03 november 2007, they have to wait for 2 years before becoming a candidate for presidency.

    4. nawaz will have to have the hijacking conviction against him quashed one way or the other (reversed or declared devoid of any legal standing.)

    5. imran or aitizaz would make good presidents.

    a president from a minority idea is good. any reference to a citizen’s religion in matters of state is of course completely contrary to jinnah’s vision as expressed on 11 august 1947.

    there can be no democracy while 58.2.b. is there.

  11. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Before reading the comments and in fact even before this post I have thought of this man for this post; Bhagvan Das. Is honest, has a clean track record and has shown real character in the face of serious adversity.

  12. Riaz Haq says:

    If the 1973 constitution is fully restored as promised by PPP, then the President’s position becomes largely a figure-head. Given this situation, I would not mess with who is the president and leave Musharraf alone. The fact that the PPP, the largest single party in the National Assembly, truly represents all parts of the nation is good for Pakistan’s federation. Out of total votes cast, the former ruling coalition received 10,844,233 votes followed by PPPP with 10,055,491 votes and PML-N with 6,240,343 votes. Based on this data, the final result appears to be a split verdict: Without giving an absolute majority to any one party, the people want the politicians of all parties to work together to serve the nation rather than dissipate their energies fighting each other. The defeat of the right wing religious parties explodes the myth that Pakistan is in danger of falling prey to the fundamentalists.

  13. Idealist says:

    yes , in a land where we can still hope for a true change,Justice Bhabvan Das would be an excellent choice.

  14. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    I think any body whose personality was not being dragged into the 2008 elections for one reason or the other, should be made President. Why not jut pick up some scientist to head the nation. They have contributed more than any other segment of society, they have been given less than their due share. They deserve some respect and acknolwedgement now. But by scientist I don’t mean the much tainted Dr Qadeer or the moun phat Dr Samar. Some one more sober and articulate and politically neutral.

  15. abana samuel says:

    i agree with poalee. Minorities should be given a chance. But at the moment i think President Pervez Musharaff is doing an excellent job. He is the man. President Musharaff is the best.

  16. RJ says:

    I would say none of the above figures are National enough to be the president, they all represent ethnic cults, popular locally. Some of them even too naive to be a president (e.g. Imran), some of them are too corrupt to hold this position (NS, Zardari, Ch Iftkihar). The best choice still would be Musharraf and I don’t have any doubt he will retain his position as one of the best in the business.

  17. Ali Aslam says:

    I say vote EDHI. EDHI should become president! Of course he would never accept such a position. And truthfully if not EDHI, then it should be Justice BHAGWANDAS.

  18. Viqar Minai says:

    Justice Bhagwandas. If not possible for technical reasons, then Justice Ramday or Justice Wajihuddin, with Justice Bhagwandas heading the Election Commission.

  19. Eidee Man says:

    I’m surprised by the people suggesting that the judges should be made president….no, rather they should be restored to their proper position. The parties who have been elected by the people should choose the next president, and the parties themselves should follow the wishes of the people who voted for them. I find it rather amusing that people who sat in their armchairs and were either apathetic or called for boycott are now vigorously making suggestions about what “should” be done….sorry guys, you threw your rights away, you have no business talking about this.

  20. ayaz siddiqui says:

    Guys, stop day dreaming…all indication are ….Musharraf will remain on his seat….Dont believe me…how about a bet????

  21. My vote would be Justice Wajeehuddin and Rana Bhagwandas as a close second. I would say Aitezaz Ahsan, but 58-b might go to his head (just kidding) :)

  22. Mehdi says:

    I hope this is not taken as a fanatic rhetoric.. just bring some ‘wake-up’ normalacy to the discussion..

    With all due respect to any non-muslim brothers and sisters on the post and my praise for everyon’s noble thoughts, I am actually astonished to see so many of freinds jumping on to propose Justice Bhagwan Das as a choice.

    I suggest that we do not shut-off the history, geography, reality and factology of Pakistan, Muslims, Islamic system of governance and above all pre-q of khalifa/head of state for Muslims in a split of a “posting”.

    Mr Justice Bhagwadas may well be close to an examplary citizen, a good soul… but so were many non-Muslims at/through the time of Prophet (PBUH) and the Caliphate… a leader of an Islamic nation/state. … (some may call khalifa/ameerul momineen etc) has to be a Muslim.. there is no two questions about it..

    We can provide hope for each other and the world actually more so adopting the basic tenants of our aspirations; the real Islamic ideologies.. .. An Islamic state governed by a true aspiring Muslim leader provides a better hope for the whole world muslims and non-muslims) then not….. I think the point was well proven through history (from Muhammad (pbuh) to Salahuddin). ..

  23. zia m says:

    Pakistan is not a theocratic state and people have spoken time and again to keep the fundamentalists out of affairs of state.I believe in freedom of religion.It is not the job of President to lead the nation in prayer.He should be elected to run the affairs of state.By denying minorities their rights we will be acting like Christian Zionists.

    I would love to see Justice Bhagwan Das as president but he is not eligible for 2 years since he recently retired.
    However Justice Wajihuddin would be a great candidate i am sure he will work to restore minority rights.

  24. Rizwan Elahi says:

    I hope Musharraf stays on forever. I trust this man 100 %. However all new comers should be given chance to prove themselves. Only President of Pakistan who brings money in.

    Another US endorsement for Musharraf

    By Anwar Iqbal

    WASHINGTON, Feb 23: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has backed President Pervez Musharraf in the strongest possible term, calling him the man the United States has been dealing with as the president and wants to continue to do so.

  25. Nasir Jamal says:

    None of the above. First of all I think that the President is a titular head of state according to the constitution and if constitution is to be restored in its original form then the new incumbent will lack the powers and he will not be able to do the works which the commentators of the post would want him to do.

    A big NO for Imran Khan. Imran Khan had welcomed Pervez Musharraf. He had accepted the military rule because he was bitterly against Nawaz and BB. Later on he left Pervez Musharraf to join hands with Nwaz and BB whom he used to describe as daakoo and luteray. He went against BB when she established contacts with Pervez Musharraf. He once visited Nine Zero and praised MQM for its work and organizational structure.

    He talks about moral ethics and has a daughter from his earlier romantic relation. He divorced his wife and has renewed contacts with her. Her divorced wife is known to have romantic relations with others and he has done nothing to take the custody of his children who are not being raised in an Islamic atmosphere.

    Imran Khan is a failure in the sense that he is wasting his energies.

  26. Misbah says:

    I agree with Daktar. My choices are Justice Wajeehuddin or Justice Saeeduz Zaman Siddqui. I would like to see Justice Iftikhar get restored and Aitezaz Ahsan is one of the wonderful politician, who should be coming back to Pakistan politics and may be the PM in the future.

  27. zakoota says:

    Musharaf will never go!!!……….the most stubborn and self centered person on Earth.

    However, I think Imran Khan is the best choice.

  28. faraz siddiqui says:

    Why in world Imran will be president. He don’t have support of establishment neither public. Except support of some armchair blogger he is political zero.

    Good choice will be Edhi, Eitraz Ehsan, Justice Wajeehdin etc.

    I think more important question is what powers we want president to have. Do we want all powers for our PM?

    Bye the way Musharaff seems to surrvive untill end of Bush term.(Nov 2008) The next American president is going to decide his faith.

  29. Zia says:

    I think none of these guys suits the office ‘ ceremonial’ president according to the constitution. I think someone from Baluchistan will be a good choice…Mehmood Khan Achakzai or anyone of good calibre.

  30. Asif says:


  31. Saad says:

    Justice Iftikhar Hussain Ch. will not accept the designation of the President, he’s a government officer. And given the law of the land, you can’t become the President within 2 years of holding a government office.

  32. nt says:

    I think Mush will stay! US and the West will do their best to help Mush keep the office. There will be “pressure” on the coming PM(and the coalition) to work with Mush.
    However, to me any one of the two Chaudries (not the one from Gujrat) are equally competent to become the President.

  33. Gill says:

    Pakistan can hardly be called an Islamic/Muslim country. There are Islamic areas/communities within Pakistan, but on the whole, its as Muslim as India.

  34. Eidee Man says:

    Again, I’m amused by the comments. BTW, I just heard an interview of Aitzaz Ahsan…he basically said that it was absurd to suggest that the chief justice should be made president.

    These people seem to think that the judiciary is just a useless appendage and that the chief justice would somehow get an upgrade if he’s made the president…frankly, I’m kind of surprised at Adil for putting up his picture.

    Another quote from Aitzaz: “you cannot take the People’s Party out of me.” So, again, for all of you who love Aitzaz but hate PPP, maybe its time to ponder this issue some more.

    As for Imran Khan…I really like the guy, but this is probably the second biggest blunder of his political career (the first blunder was supporting Musharraf as he now admits). He should have registered his protest by at least putting himself up for re-election. He has no right to be President because he took himself out of the process.

  35. Sir,
    You educated NR of pakistan are just feudal. there is a system to be followed in removing Musharaff and then follow the procedure as laid down by constitution. It will throw up names and they will be best for pakistan and not you feudal Pakistanies who live in America write.

  36. SH Kavi says:

    Imran, I am sure, is a well meaning person .He is very passionate about his convictions. However, he lacks political skills such as good timing and judgment. Besides, his sophomoric ethnic pride sometime touches the boundaries of chauvinism.
    He has a lot more to learn before he desires for higher office.

  37. MQ says:

    Express News channel just ran a news that Musharraf is seriously considering to resign. Other channels have not picked up the news, though.

  38. Pakistani says:

    Impeach Musharraf, and throw him in the darkest jail of Pakistan.

  39. President Wajihuddin is best, if not then I suggest the following in rank order:

    President Fakhruddin G Ebrahim
    President Asma Jehangir
    President Javed Hashmi
    President Talat Masood



  40. MQM Supporter says:

    Musharraf has let down “M(Q)M”, our party must not support this corrupt and liar Musharraf.

  41. Mahmood says:

    President George Bush

  42. Nabi Ahmed Warraich says:

    As Obama is likely to be elected US President and his wishes for our dearest homeland are crystal clear. Now we need a president who can accept the upcoming chalanges. PPP Premier will do with EU well and Mr Nawaz Sharif can win a required favour from China and Arab friends as a president. We should pray sincerely for our country in this critical situation.

  43. Aqil Sajjad says:

    It shouldn’t be any of the names like Aitezaz, Imran, CJ etc that are being repeatedly mentioned, because 58-2b is about to go, and the president’s role is mainly ceremonial.
    I think Wajihudin Ahmed would be the best choice; in fact, constitutionally, he should have been the president and not Mush.

    Another thing: I am always rather surprised to see Asma Jahangir’s name as president or PM. Asma Jahangir has great credentials as a human rights campaigner, but the president or PM needs to be someone with a relatively cool head on the shoulders and the ability to take diverse groups of people along. Asma Jahangir clearly lacks that ability and in fact, even needs to grow up in certain areas. Let her just continue with her human rights work, where she is actually making a good contribution, instead of mentioning her as president or PM for which she does not have the required balance in personality.

  44. Rizwan Elahi says:

    I do not trust Justice Iftikhar and Aitezaz Ahsan. I think they are sold.

  45. Usman Ghani Rathore says:

    What is the problem with President Musharraf? Why shouldn’t he? Are you so much determined to change the face? I think this is a natural phenomenon with all of us! We can not see consistency anywhere! I think President is most likely to remain in power whether and whatever we write here or wherever. Those who have been the winners in the election 2008 are either working with him or they will be out of scene. They have got the ground to play, now they should show their play, they should change history, they should control energy crisis, they should go for alleviation of poverty first instead fighting their own survivals war, if the people are very well taken in by this Govt then I do not find any reason for the alleviation of Musharraf from the face. Now this is the time then they should pay Pakistanis for those anti-Musharraf votes.

  46. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    Musharraf must be sent to the gallows as the ’73 constitution demands it.

  47. temporal says:

    thank you for your views.

    this is a summary tabulation of names mentioned. if you gave two choices, both were not considered.

    Imran Khan 3
    Justice Wajihuddin 7
    Aitezaz Ahsan 4
    Justice Bhangwan Das 5
    President Musharraf 7
    Mahmud Khan Achakzai 1
    No or Multiple choices 20

  48. Bhindigosht says:

    Aitzaz will be wasted in that role. He is much too intelligent and valuable to be wasted in that role. Imran Khan can play a good role as a pressure group. Zardari will be running the party a la Sonia Gandhi. Nawaz will be in the running in a bye-election soon (I think). That leaves Ch. Ifthikhar from this lot. My personal choice would be Wajihuddin or Fakhruddin Ibrahim.

  49. Bhindigosht says:

    Bhaganwan Das as president of Pakistan will totally rock! On so many levels! In fact that is my top choice now.

  50. Adnan Ahmad says:

    People ought to remember that Bhagvandas was the acting chief while the case was being heard. The fact that he did not budge and lead from the front during those pressure months makes him my choice. He could have easily been an other Dogar signing up for a PCO. The fact that he belongs to a minority is just an additional plus.

  51. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    I still think that no body who were involved in the judicial crisis one way or the other should be made President.

  52. faraz siddiqui says:

    If it is just for symbolic post of president then Mukhtara Mai or Edhi can be great choice.

    As for Bhagwan Das, he can not president for atleast 2 years but that will be good signal to world.

  53. Shayan says:

    I absolutely agree with people who are uncomfortable about making judges presidents. The only way for Pakistan to achieve longterm stability is for its various institutions (judiciary, government, bureaucracy, military, police etc) to limit themselves to performing only those functions they were meant to perform and not allow any one institution to become hegemonic and take over other institutions’ responsibilities. That is what happened with the military and if we aren’t careful it could happen with the judiciary in a decade or two. Iftikhar Chaudhry, Bhagwandas etc are amazing judges and they should be reinstated as judges but they should definitely not be made the President.

    Aitzaz however would be a great choice.

  54. Shayan says:

    Scratch that about Aitzaz. Mukhtaran Mai as President would be a wonderful gesture of the new government’s commitment to women’s rights.

  55. Aamir Ali says:

    I want Pervez Musharraf to finish his term as President and then retire in 2012 for the following reasons:

    1) Musharraf’s policies of killing terrorists is correct and must continue, if he remains in office, he will also contine taking the political blame for it, and nobody else.

    2) Musharraf is a man who takes action and fulfills his promises.

    3) I like Musharraf.

  56. Rita says:

    I would say a person with lots of courage and good knowledge of legal matters/politics is needed. May be Aitezaz Ahsan.

  57. legaleagle says:

    Any TOM, DICK or HARRY DUMBWIT out of these political monkeys would do as long as he will be compliant and have his eyes wide shut to the shenanigans & corruption of the next PPP led government!

    The sooner President MUSHARRAF now gets out and leaves with honor and dignity the better it would be. Let these skunk politicians wrestle in their ”poo” that they have created for themselves!

  58. Janeeta says:

    Next President for Pakistan? With President Musharraf still in office we don

  59. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    Even if Musharraf doesn’t go, though he should if has any gheirat left, he would be rendered powerless and then won’t have any graceful exit. Supporting him anymore means nothing.

  60. Mudassar says:

    Imran Khan, the man with proven track record of humanitarian work, who really cares. I request you Adil sb and people who can write in papers to do something about the voting right of overseas pakistanis.

  61. Jamshed Nazar says:

    what about making a fun guy as the new President?

    – Umer Sharif
    – Fariha Pervez
    – Shahid Afridi

    Or what about Uncle Sargam?

    I think Uncle Sargam would be the best coice.

  62. mohammad_allam says:

    The best candidate for presidentship of pakistan will be pak nuclear scientist DR. Qadeer.he is not very much popular among pakistani but command respect.No Political party can oppose him due fear of people mandate.This will equalize the humiliation that he faced from the pakistani goverment.This will also bring estability in pakistan.The insurgency in frontier province of pakistan will end peacefully as all have faith his dedication to the country pakistan.

  63. MileStone says:

    Musharraf is the best choice as a president for now. I want him there, so that he can keep the check on these Lutera politicians. But God Forbid, Musharraf wants to go or he has to go, we ill have to come up with the person who should be accepted by all Pakistani Awam.

    We would have to build consensus on this, as of right now its very hard to find an honest, loyal, intelligent and trustworthy person in pakistan. All the top lot is corrupted with people like Zardari, Sharifs, Altaf etc…

  64. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    Imran Khan and Qadeer Khan are not good. Imran Khan has been very partial in the past and Qadeer Khan’s past is now tainted. We want a good intelligent person, not the idiot Musharraf or his likes. We should get rid of the “influential faujis” from within the government.

  65. Ahmad R. Shahid says:


    I think the overseas Pakistanis have voting rights and according to a news item that was published in the national press a few days back, 3 million overseas Pakistanis voted in 2002 and 2 million voted in 2008. And according to the statistics of the Election Commission, there are around 7 million overseas Pakistanis.

  66. MileStone says:

    Nawaz Sharif Or Zardari to be President ??? You are kidding me …

    I guess, hum ko baar baar Bewaqoof banney ki Aadat ho gai hai, thats why we are expecting Mr.10% or Ameer-ul-Momaneen to deliver this?

    NS did everything actually worse, what Musharraf did. NS put the curb on media, he tried to introduce Shariat law. He kidnapped Najam Sethi thru Police. He launched attacks on Supreme court. He ordered attack on jang group newspaper. He hijacked the plane with over 100 souls sitting in it. He sacked 2 Army Staff and a Cheif Justice, not to mention NS did all of this when there was no Media or freedom of Speech in Pakistan. You could have never said against the PM of Pakistan at that time. If you did, you would have been kidnapped. Khabarnama used to start with NS name and ends on his name too, and the list is endless.

    About Zardari, I dont have to say much. Just google Mr.10% and one can see the Kartoots of him (Badnaam-e-Zamana) .

    I dont expect them to behave at this time either. I am trying to be as humble as I can when I say this about NS and AZ,”Kuttey ki Dum 100 Saal tak bhi pipe mein rakho, Jab nikalo gay woh Terhi hee rahey gi”. Hope I didnot offend any body.

  67. vivek says:


  68. Ameen fahim is left behind in this thread, If things would be in my hands I would go for iftikhar chaudry because the good justice is what we need at the top.

  69. Kabir Das says:

    This was the easiest question that I had to answer. The answer is so obvious.
    Aitazaz Ahsan of course.

  70. Abdullah says:

    I think Musharaff minus 58-2-(b) is a better choice than lawyers, judges or the politicians you mentioned. Why not give chance to the finalist of DawnNews’ ‘Enter The PM’ Asad Umar!

  71. Ghalib says:

    Read few posts and i think here are my choices

    Rana Bhagwandas : People want him BUT TO TELL YOU he cCANNOT become a president of Pakistan coz of being NON MUSLIM! to be a President you need to eb MUSLIM. Otherwise hes a good choice.

    Aetizaz Ahsan: very learned man in wrong ranks! he is a good choice, but he has a volatile nature as well but that u need to have for an efefctive president. Him minus 58-B is a great choice.

    Imran Khan can be a PM for a national govt but not president. Rest NS and IC are not worth it!

  72. ijaz khan says:

    the only and the one IMRAN KHAN.because he is the great personality not only in pakistan but all overe the world.he is the leader who lead pakistan properly.

  73. with 58-2B destined for the dust bin, a person having no political ambitions like Justice Iftikhar can be a very good choice. with this clause in place, a person even like Chourdy Fazle Ilahi will be like ‘Allah Meharban tou Gadha Pehelwan’

  74. MileStone says:

    We should have a “Presedential System”, only then we can throw some names and decide to vote that who should be the president.

    I am all for the Presedential form of government in future for Pakistan. .

  75. smssr84 says:

    sorry for sounding like a fool……. but what does 58-2(b) says??

    Personally I would go for Imran Khan or Aitazaz Ahsan!! both of them rock!!

  76. Ahmad R. Shahid says:


    The article 58-2 mainly relates to the arbitrary powers of the indirectly elected President to dismiss the directly elected Parliament, which has been used four times in the past. It was introduced by the late President Zia-ul-Haq.

    1) When Zia-ul-Haq dismissed Junejo in 1988.

    2) When GIK dismissed Benazir and then Nawaz Sharif in 1990 and 1993.

    3) When Farooq Leghari dismissed Benazir in 1996.

  77. zainab says:

    i wld say asfand yaar wali but frm abve options aitzaz ahsan
    do not agree totally to him on certain issues bt yess a wisw man to lead in tis situatin

    imran khan z ta nxt optn …he needs to play his game more wisely

    y r v gtnnd zardari n sharifs(nt sharif at all) back…to loot ta country again?

  78. Ali Dada says:

    I don’t know why people are day dreaming. President Musharraf is not going. Express News Channel or some British Tabloid is not a reliable source.

    Funny how quickly media and even worse Pakistanis have started portraying Musharraf as a wicked man. Just a few years ago, nay, just until end of 2006, he was the best of the best but just because your brains got brainwashed … Musharraf has to go?

    Shame on all of you. This is the core of all Pakistani failures. Pakistanis themselves misrepresent their country and their culture. You, the Pakistanis are number 1 when it comes to talking negatively about your own country. All overseas Pakistanis should be made to give Pakistan compliance test by the embassy every 6 months and those who miss/fail the test should have their citizenship revoked. Every single one of them spends their time talking and thinking negatively about Pakistan.

    I am not a nationalist or Pakistani supremist but enough is enough. All of a sudden people living all their lives or their career lives out of Pakistan, who don’t even act like a comman Pakistani have come out and start talking about Pakistan.

    But go ahead, create mindless forums, blogs, news websites, newspapers and bogus news channels and go ahead, destroy Pakistan’s image. Please make it seem that Pakistan is the terror factory. I think you will be so happy once Pakistan is invaded, dismantled, and taken over.

    After all, 99.99999% Pakistanis I have met have slave mentality. All we can do is act like somebody else, overlook our religion, our cultural lifestyles for outsider’s Point Of View.

    Majority of Pakistanis think about what other countries think of Pakistan. What China/US/EU/India would say. Lets compare mindlessly 24/7 to India. For God sake, forget this slave mentality. Pakistan and Islam should be number 1.

    Me and you are not leaders nor politicians and are not born to be one. Leaders of ALL countries in the World have their good/bad points. Protect and respect your leader whoever he/she is. General public has duties of their own. You should mind your business and think about making your own life better and help others in need. No need to go outside, riot, tear/burn everything and then create media circus.

    Right now, Pakistan is sadly regarded as the worst of the worst and all credit for this goes to Pakistanis. Small, pointless countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the day dreaming nations of India and USA and EU have started instructing Pakistan on what to do and how to behave. And guess who lets this happen? Pakistanis!

    Ban all NGOs, ban all ‘foreign charities’ and all ‘news correspondents’. Media in Pakistan needs to ‘strictly’ controlled and monitored by the government to bring sense of discipline and calm in the nation.

    Don’t give out bogus, idiotic choices such as Iftikhar Chaudhry or Rana Baghwandas or Imran Khan or Edhi.

    People have their roles in life to play and should not be allowed for the possibility of power triping. Imagine if lawyers or judges are allowed to rule the nation. It would be utter madness…all the bueracracies (sorry for the spelling) and all mindless rules. Heck, judges/lawyers are good only for giving/fighting for their clients and dealing with law. They would make horrible leaders who will slow down all processes.

    It is a shame seeing all corners of society protesting on streets of Pakistan. Don’t the people there have jobs to do? Exports are falling, Pakistani educational standards are not even recognized abroad. Our nationality has become a joke, every person can get in and out of Pakistan. Our borders are joke. The country can’t even lobby or protest any issue be it with India or with Afghanistan.

    Seems like 99.99999% overseas Pakistanis have nothing better to do than just live their lifes until they die and during the time, create problems for Pakistan.

    Don’t misrepresent my Pakistan. Pakistan is a very very poor nation where a rickshaw driver wearing shalwar kameez makes just enough to support a shoddly constructed house, a wife and kids who can only afford tandoor breads and aloo ghost.

    Pakistanis should first attention to garbage clean up, sewerage system, poverty, electricity production, clean drinking water, good crops, sanitation, technology, crime, education and pureness of religion. Once these things are done, other issues need to be solved, and when those are done, other issues need to be resolved. There is no point of thinking of leaders. That is not and should not the public’s turf.

    And to those who says Pakistan is not Islamic or Pakistan needs to become another Turkey. To you: shame on you. Go pray namaaz. You have become so self centered and so much in denial of God’s powers that you are forgetting that life is short and we shouldn’t spread mischief. If you want, you are free to go to Turkey or to some non muslim country and live there. But do all of us a favor, please drop your Pakistani nationality and don’t associate yourself with Pakistan!

  79. Ehsan Syed says:

    Iftikhar Justice, just good to be in this slot.

  80. Umair says:

    No one is best option only Musharaf is best option.

  81. Omar says:

    Next President will be Nawaz Sharif sometime in 2008. Once that happens PML-N will leave the coalition and there will be new elections in 2009 which the PML-N will win with a majority. Shabaz Sharif will then be the Prime-minister.

  82. Naeem Shmim says:


    I humbly ask all of you that have you ever seen a President like Musharaf before? I mean the calibure and popularity that he has gained on the international stage is really not negligible. So as wise countreynen we must support our leader and after all the vision that he has is very much resembling to the vision of Jinnah. Believe me he speaks like a statesman and all the above choices are bogus and unpractical.

  83. andy mirza says:

    i think the best option for pakistan is the PML-N

  84. AZFAR says:

    Of the faces in your pictures the most dangerous one got the job

  85. Umer Sharif says:

    It is 13th August 2010 Today… and everyone knows what is happening.. lol!

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