Posted on March 11, 2008
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42 responses to “Uncertainty Rules Pakistan”

  1. Khwaja Aftab Ali says:


    Reference to the Islamic history and Pakistan

  2. Reza Kamran says:

    Uncertainty indeed does rule Pakistan. It is political uncertainty. Uncertainty surrounds us in Pakistan. The obvious uncertainty is of course, post election uncertainty. It is the worst kind of uncertainty. Then their is uncertainty in people’s lives. What kind of uncertainties impact our people’s daily lives. Its about uncertainty whether their homes will have power. Will they see steep rise in commodity prices? Such types of uncertainty have devastating impact on their already uncertain lives. With such mass uncertainty now taking over, the political uncertainty may be like a passing phase. Such uncertainty may soon disappear and inshallah we may have certainty of political leadership. But the other more uncertain uncertainities may be the ones most difficult to ignore. These uncertainities may be debilitating uncertainities. They last longer and such uncertainites also have large scale social impacts. Are these measurable uncertainties or they immeasurable? Hard to tell. But we need to deal with them with conviction. Because the longer these uncertainties last, the more devastating they become.