Harnessing Wind Energy in Baldia Town

Posted on May 29, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following photo appeared in both Jang and Dawn of May 29, 2008. It shows residents of Baldia Town Karachi have resorted to harnessing Wind Energy to produce electricity. We’ve discussed Electricity shortage and alternate ways to produce electricity in Pakistan in several posts here. I am happy to see this indiginous effort on part of a middle-class community to control their own destiny where Government has failed to provide for them. Wind is usually in abundance in coastal areas of Pakistan. More communities may emulate this example.

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  1. MESEC says:

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  2. Aamir Ali says:

    This is excellent. Wind energy works best when it compliments base-load generation like hydro, coal, nuclear etc. and as peaking stations.

  3. ShahidnUSA says:

    Good efforts by the community. Wish they were little bit more creative.

    @ Tina
    Talking about the newspapers captions.
    I saw this heading somewhere in pakistani newspaper.

    “Gen. Kyani look Musharaf in the eye”

    Now where else a man would look when talking to another man?

  4. Fahim says:

    Great going!

    Micro power generation is a direction that is a trend. This was also acknowledged by a major UK power company in a Guardian article.

  5. Tina says:

    For those who are commenting bitterly about the caption under the photo–I think it must be Jang’s in which case what else can be expected.

    Not that I haven’t seen some very odd things appearing in Dawn as well.

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