Posted on May 31, 2008
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34 responses to “Daylight Savings Time Introduced in Pakistan”

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  2. S. Nawaid Sabri says:

    So far we have not seen any progress and positive change towards effective control on electricity crises in Pakistan, the idea of day light saving is simply not working while being quite effective in many countries of the. Instead we are pushed to pay more on every unit we use as if THIS is THE solution of this power crises. Some people may not agree with me but the fact is that currently we are going through an era where no one cares about how the people who are suffering from this pain will survive? Old, Sick, weak and children are specially facing this unbearable phase with helplessness. Sincerity of the authorities is quite clear with the step of increasing the GAS price and creating slabs to discourage people for using GAS Power Generators which were being extensively used at common men level as self management against 12 to 14 hours load shedding. Even after all this we still hope that this period of distress will end and we will recollect our strength in power generation; the only thing which needs to be understood by the authorities is “success and desired results are always followed by sincere efforts”.

  3. Haroon says:

    The clocks in Pakistan have finally been turned back.

    I think this did no benefit to anyone and was a waste of energy and TIME.

  4. S. Nawaid Sabri says:

    I think it is a good sign that government has taken few steps to reduce electricity problems, instead to thinking negatively we should comply with the idea and try to contribute in it by starting and ending our day just an hour earlier.

    Here, important thing to encourage people to accept this change will be the projection of change of figures in power reserves and its effect on accumulated reduction in load-shedding in terms of number of hours on per day/per week basis and power supply to the consumer must be effected accordingly.

    Another thing which is very important and will definitely effect positively on consumer’s acceptability for this day-light saving system is that the power saved through this change must be divided equally in each and every populated areas which is currently suffering from low power reserves.