Runa Laila Unplugged

Posted on June 17, 2008
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Owais Mughal

There are 4 songs in this post.

While surfing on YouTube, I was happpily surprised to find followng songs by Runa Laila. Many of you may know that she is the world famous singer from Bangladesh. She has a huge contribution of singing Urdu songs in Pakistani movies. She has also sung Punjabi, Pashto and Bengali songs in Pakistan. Infact, she has sung in 17 different languages of the world.

In Pakistan, Runa Laila has won 2 Nigar Awards, 2 Graduate Awards, 1 Critics Award and a National Council of Music Gold Medal. Besides Pakistan she as won numerous awards in her native Bangladesh as well as in India. There is a large collection of her songs available on YouTube but I picked the 4 that I like the most. I hope you like them too.

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Song Title: ranjish hi sahih, dil hi dukhanay ke liyay aa

Movie: Mohabbat, 1972

Music: Nisar Bazmi

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Song Title: humeiN kho kar

Movie: Ehsaas, 1974

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Song Title: kaaTay ne kaTTeN rattiyaaN, sayyaaN intzaar meiN

Movie: Umrao Jan Ada, 1974,

Music: Nisar Bazmi,

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Song Title: un ki nazroN se mohabbat ka jo peghaam mila

Music: Nashaad

45 responses to “Runa Laila Unplugged”

  1. shahran says:

    Dear All Bangladeshi friends,

    Thank you so much for stopping at Pakistaniat.

    All Pakistanis even today whether they re young or old, even the ones who like rock, still listen to her melodious songs.

    Runa laila was in. NY a couple of years ago and she was the guest of honor in the Pakistan day event where she enthralled the audience with her energy.

    Even as of today Pakistan Television is running her show from the 70s called Bazme Laila.

    FYI, Runa laili was brought up in Karachi and she did her schooling at St.Lawrence High School Garden East Karachi.

    Let me clarify here that all Pakistanis love the immensely talented artist who has some connection to Bangladesh whether it is Alamgir, Shabnam and Robin, Runa Laila, Shehnaz Begum, Firdousi Begum,Moslehuddin (famous music director and husband of naheed niazi).

    We do often see sometimes famous PTV drama with Bengali titles which reminds us the days of yore.

    I like to dedicate these verses to our Bangladeshi audience which no other than Faiz Ahmed Faiz has aptly penned when he first visited Dhaka many years after the creation Bangladesh

    Hum keh tehray ajnabi kitni madaraaton kay baad

    Phir banain gay ashna kitna mulaqaaton kay baad

    Kitnay dinon kay baad aaiy gi bay daagh sabzay ki bahar

    Khoon kay dhabbay dhulain gay kitni barsatoon kay baad”


  2. Was not a big fan because when she was singing Madam Noor Jehan had overshadowed everyone, Mala, Naseem Bano and Tahira Syed were like showing a lamp to the Sun (my translation, funny isn’t it). But now whenever I listen to Runa Laila, I appreciate her melodius voice more. It is also that after Madam Noor Jehan, we have to endure Mehnaz Begum, Humaira Channa, Hadiqa Kiayani and above all Naseebo Lal.

  3. Irfan Mirza says:

    Runa Laila was the best pop singer we ever had in the history of Pakistani Music. Her voice was so vibrant that it used to move us literally.

  4. anam says:

    These are songs of Shanaz Rahmatullah( I dont know if she was knows as Shahnaz Begum).The first song is pretty old, may be before I was born. Rest 2 are more recent. Btw, its bengali. =related =related

  5. anam says:

    its a wonderful song of Runa laila, if you know bengali, you will like it more.

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