Armaan: Pakistan’s Super Hit Movie

Posted on September 7, 2008
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Owais Mughal
This post has videos of three very famous songs from ‘armaan’

gham-e-rozgaar (work) took me to Canada last week. On a dark and rainy night, I found myself driving on Trans Canadian Highway 1 in Vancouver area. Rain was pouring by bucket loads and windshield vipers were working over time. I was bored and scanning FM spectrum for a good song on car radio. There were English, French, Chinese and many more of the same channels. Suddenly at FM frequency 93.1, I heard a voice in Urdu announcing a song from Pakistani movie ‘armaan’. The song was titled ‘jab pyar mein do dil.’ You could imagine my joy over this surprise find. I immediately pressed set on the radio and started singing aloud with (late) Ahmed Rushdi‘s voice. This song never felt so good to me before as it did on that dark night in Canada. lijiye, aap bhi suniyay (lets listen)

Many of our readers may already know that above song is from Pakistan’s movie ‘armaan’.

armaan was released on March 18, 1966. Movie’s Producer and Hero was Waheed Murad. Its Director was Parvaiz Malik and music was given by Sohail Rana. It is said that in 1966-67 every ‘bacha bacha’ on the streets of Pakistan used to sing the most famous song of this movie called ‘akele na jaana’.

The song ‘akele na jaana’ was at first recorded by Sohail Rana for another movie with the same title as ‘akele na jaana’ but that movie got delayed. In the mean time Waheed Murad was making the movie ‘armaan’ and for a similar situation in the movie, the song got used in ‘armaan’ instead of ‘akele na jaana’.

I have even read in a book that just because of this one song, the movie ‘armaan’ completed its platinum jubilee (i.e. 75 consecutive weeks of screening). It was Pakistan’s first Platinum Jubilee movie. It is also said that despite an unusually extreme rainy season the movie continued to go ‘house full’ in Karachi circuit.

The song ‘akele na jaana’ is sung by Ahmed Rushdie and Mala.

akele na jaana

The movie ‘armaan’ was a complete comedy before the interval and a complete tragedy after the interval but director’s grip on the story never slipped. It is said that in the production of armaan‘s songs Waheed Murad gave a new style of acting and that is why people have not forgotten about this movie 42 years down the road now.

ko ko korina

I don’t have to write much about this song. I am sure most of our readers are already familiar with it as well as it has been covered at ATP here.

‘armaan’ was declared the best movie of the year 1966. It got a total of 6 nigaar awards which were as follows:

(i) The Best film for 1966
(ii) Best Director: Pervaiz Malik
(iii) Best Actress: Zeba
(iv) Best Comedy Actor: Nirala
(v) Best Musician: Sohail Rana, and
(vi) Best Singer: Ahmed Rushdie

The Cast of the Movie was as follows:

Waheed Murad, Zeba, Tarranum, Nirala, Rozina, M Zahoor, Agha Suroor and Babbu

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  1. Assar hussain shah says:

    I would like to add here beautiful photography of this film no doubt great camera work because the Director of photography of this movie was Syed Nazir hussain who was one of the best cameraman of film industry of that time.Nazir Hussain was not only cameraman he was Producer and Director of 1st Pashto movie Yousaf khan shebano.

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