Yeh Hum Nahin: Saying No To Terrorism

Posted on September 22, 2008
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Adil Najam

In times of pain – and these are times of pain – we sometimes need music to soothe our hurt. Sometimes we need to raise our voice to join others who are also crying out in pain.

We do so, not because it will ease their pain, but merely because it might – just might – ease our own pain.

30 responses to “Yeh Hum Nahin: Saying No To Terrorism”

  1. TALHA says:


  2. ALINA says:

    it is agood massage we pakistanis agree to it

  3. Jibran Hasnain says:

    A Fake campaign that earned thousands of $$$
    Many people signed it more than 10 times!!

    It would have been great had they spent such huge advertising budgets in some constructive campaign (like Grameen Bank, Bangladesh)

  4. Anjum says:

    I propose a followup song – HUM TUM NAHIN, which is directed to the terrorists and these suicide bombers to say to them that we are not with them and they do not speak for us.

  5. Riaz Haq says:

    The fact that the bombers were able to get into such a secure zone inside Islamabad and carry out the deadly Marriott bombing just before an unannounced Pakistani leadership dinner there shows that there are insiders involved. It’s an unfortunate fact that many Pakistanis (a significant minority) see this jihad rather than the cold blooded mass murder of innocent people, while others sympathize or at least rationalize such dastardly acts by blaming America or the Pakistani military or someone other than the perpetrators. Just watch the conspiracy theories and blame-America talk bandied about on Pak TV channels and you’ll see what I am talking about. To stop this, Pakistanis have to first purge such elements and see the reality of what is going on in our own midst. According to anecdotal evidence and some published polls, the support for war on terror is at a low point in spite of the continuing killing of innocent Pakistanis. This is the sad reality of the insensitivity within Pakistan. It has to change for any improvement to occur to save innocent lives being lost on a daily basis.

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