Posted on October 17, 2008
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49 responses to “Remembering a Reformer: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Free and public education with formal classroom structures of one to many, with many being the same age or even gender, was formulated in mid 19th century. By the start of 20th century, this has been the standard model of education across the world.

    However, this model, as good as it to being the fast food of education ignores a core problem; that it may not be pertinent nor appropriate. In US, Free Appropriate Public Education is associated with children with disabilities. In my humble opinion, this concept also lacks the basic understanding that

  2. Rashad says:

    “Rashad Sahab:

  3. PMA says:

    Dear Rashad: Allow me to repeat my earlier words: “Those educated in English-medium schools, as a group have greater opportunities in life compared to those educated in Urdu-medium schools and Madrassas. These are simple facts of life in Pakistan.” If you disagree with me then we could simply move on.

  4. PMA says:

    Rashad Sahab: