Photo-Op: How Many Can You Count?

Posted on November 4, 2008
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Adil Najam

This photograph, was taken yesterday (Nov. 2) by Khalid Tanveer of the Associated Press. Take from a different angle, it continues to boggle the mind. It is a train coming back from Multan after a religious congregation. Was this just a photo-op or were they actually traveling like this.

Did anyone call the Gunniess Book of World Records to count the number of people stuck to the train?

27 responses to “Photo-Op: How Many Can You Count?”

  1. alizay says:

    I think these people are deprived of entertainment in their lives and out just to chill. We should just admire their courage of smiling under poverty. Good perspective i must say!

  2. Roshan says:

    Here is a video of a train in the same Ijtama in the outskirts of Multan. =related

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