Signs of a Brewing Storm

Posted on December 22, 2008
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Jauhar Ismail

The photo to the left shows stormy clouds gathering over Islamabad on December 16, 2008.

Today, which is just six days later from when this photo was taken, I believe there is another storm brewing in Islamabad on its political and foreign relations front. Not withstanding the conspiracy theories still circling around in Pakistan, there is growing consensus in the rest of the world that Pak-based elements were behind Mumbai attacks. Gordon Brown served a notice to Pakistan during his visit and it seems that the U.S. agrees. Moreover the steps Pakistan has taken so far haven’t been very convincing. India has called a meeting of its envoys throughout the world to discuss next steps. The last time such a meeting was called was before the 1971 war. This has led the U.S to send Adm. Mullen back to Pakistan for a second time in as many weeks. Meanwhile Pakistan high commission in India has confirmed that it has received a letter from Ajmal Kasab.

Here is an article from Dawn and the Washington Post Editorial on this very issue:

(i) The daily Dawn
(ii) The Washington Post

The last time Pakistan was so isolated diplomatically against India was during the aftermath of Kargil.

In another development Pakistan Airforce suspended commercial flights in major Pakistani cities today and did a low altitude fly-by as part of their increased vigil.

One can only hope that our leaders especially the security establishment can comprehend the gravity of the situation and take steps in the right direction.

Photo Credits: Title photo is courtesy of Abid Zia at Associated Press of Pakistan.

64 responses to “Signs of a Brewing Storm”

  1. Charakan says:

    War mongers on both sides of borders have their own vested interest in worsening Indo Pak relations. We the ppl of both countries should come together to fight such hate politics. More cultural sporting and ppl to ppl contact will help.

  2. Aamir Ali says:

    Funny that this Kasab guy is a confirmed Pakistani by the media, yet we cant see a picture of his parents, their house or their business.

  3. Sridhar says:

    Bizarre developments today. The National Security Adviser of Pakistan was sacked for saying that the arrested terrorist, Ajmal Amir alias Iman “might be” a Pakistani, on the same day as the Information Minister herself said that Pakistani investigations had concluded that he was indeed a Pakistani. All this weeks after multiple media outlets, including Pakistani ones, confirmed that he was a Pakistani, went to his house and talked to his father. nt_10620902.htm

  4. Arjun says:

    Am glad that things are finally settling down and become more sane between the two countries.

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