Bathroom Humor from Pakistan: Sabb Kar Do

Posted on January 17, 2009
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There were a number of reasons that made me think before putting this picture up. Not least of which is that we try to stay away from bathroom humor here at ATP. However, I have been laughing so hard since I first saw this photograph at Adnan Siddiqi’s blog that I just had to share it with our readers.

For those who may not immediately catch on or cannot read Urdu, painted on the wall is an advertisement for the telecommunication company Zong, with their new slogan, “Sabb Kar Do” (meaning “Do Everything”). Also, written in Urdu below that is “0.75 rupees per minute.”

Why is this hilarious, you ask?

Because, the wall it is painted on is that of a public “latrine” or bathroom. You can see the blue signpost on the right of the picture pointing you to the latrine, and also the washbasin and towel hanging over the “G” of Zong. You can also see the jhaRRoo on the ground (can someone please help me with a good English word for jhaRRoo; no, not, broom).

In his original post, Adnan Siddiqi felt that the Rs. 0.75 per minute was the funniest part. I think that given the context, the “Sabb kar do” is equally hilarious.

23 responses to “Bathroom Humor from Pakistan: Sabb Kar Do

  1. Durrani says:


  2. Myshal says:

    hahahahha.. its been ages that i logged on here its great to laugh out loud……Regarding zong advertising techniques ummm i really think they need to get more creative about it…i came across a group of FB which extensively discussed about zong and its tvcs )…recently i came across this Zong Ad which is 65 paisaa something and that is obviously afterJAzz came up with 68 paisa…well getting back to the Xong tvc….it is an utter disappointment…..i mean its once again copied from here and there and the message which they r giving out clearly is that they have been original from day one however one thing they should surely keep in mind and that their competition with reference to this TVC is Mobilink…..comparing the tvcs of Jazz 68 paisa and Zong 65 paisaa highlights the difference and the lack of resources in Zong’s scenario……….seriouslyy…

    but this Sab Kurdo is a master piece hehehehehe

  3. Laibaa1 says:

    Yes this is truly funny really funny….i just want to know that do the marketing guys at Zong know about the sites being painted for their advertisements…if yes then i think they should be more vigilant regarding it…i mean this is really hillarious and i guess there is more creativity shown by others who actually modified Sab kehdo to Sab kurdo and that also at a rate…..hehehe …i have come across many sites but this one is surely takes the lead….i guess other telcos should learn the innovative techniques of promotions from zong…i mean please this is too much

  4. Zia Ahmed says:

    Ohh, 0.75 / mint., if someone spending 30 mints in bathroom he will have to pay 22.5 pkr. Thats not too expensive.

    OR by anyone has limited mobile balance, he will have to work too fastly :)

  5. ayesha sajid says:

    its nice to see ATP keeping that humour alive. havent logged on for a while here but its good to be back.

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