Posted on March 8, 2009
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47 responses to “Mukhtar Mai – The Movie”

  1. readinglord says:

    I would suggest to all those who worship Mai as ‘Kali Mai’ to read carefully (baghour) the detail judgment of the SC in her case.

    @Maqbool Ahmad

    “She is a living martyr (zinda shaheed)”

    The word ‘shaheed’ means ‘one who gives one’s life for some great objective’. As it is, the very term ‘zinda shaheed’ is absurd.
    In fact, the only fact which came out of the Mai scandal is that Mai had undergone sexual intercourse, which as she at the time claimed to be free of any wedlock, could be termed essentially as ‘zina’ (adultry, fornication), either consensual or non-consensual.

    Now, Abdul Khaliq, the only sentenced accused, claims that this was an honorable sex performed with Mai as his wife, but Mai denies having been married with him to make her sex with him as ‘non-consensual’ or rape, apparently to avenge the tribal vendetta and keep the windfall stream of dollars flowing.

    I wonder why Khaliq could not produce evidence of his marriage with Mai which would have ended the ‘Shahadat’ of poor Mai and made her an honorable bahu of Mastoies, putting an end to scandalous vendetta as well?

  2. Maqbool Ahmed says:

    She is a living martyr (zinda shaheed).