Posted on March 23, 2009
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61 responses to “What Gives You Hope For Pakistan’s Future?”

  1. Nice Heights says:

    I am afriad there might be a tendency emerging in Pakistani society to be attracted towards cults. This attraction towards “cults” is another factor which may damage our society deeply. I am afraid, a part of our society may become Irrational brain-washed zombie dumbasses giving loyalty and obedience to their cult leaders…..

    I still have hope though, I think improving our law enforcement agency and directing our funds to develop it more, instead of developing the army, may help. Also, this democratic system needs to continue in order for our society to develop. I hope there is not another military take over, we have seen what happened in last 3 military take overs……

    These are my concerns and opinions for now, donno whither they are right or wrong though…