Pakistan at War: 50+ Killed in Attack on Mosque

Posted on March 27, 2009
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Adil Najam

The enemies of Pakistan struck again today killing 50 people at a mosque in Jamrud.

According to a report in The News:

JAMRUD: A suicide bomber killed at least 50 people when he blew himself up in a crowded mosque near a security check post in Jamrud town of Khyber Agency on Friday… Police, paramilitary forces and government officials were among the congregation in the mosque, about 30 km (20 miles) from the Afghan border. The bomber set off his explosives as a cleric began prayers. “So far we have counted 50 bodies,” Tariq Hayat Khan, the top administrator in the Khyber region, told Geo news, adding the toll could rise.

Between 250 and 300 people were in the mosque and about 125 wounded had been taken to Sherpao, Lady Reading and other hospitals in Peshawar, he said. “It was a suicide attack. The bomber was standing in the mosque. It’s a two-storey building and it has collapsed,” he said.

Worshippers searched through piles of bricks, pulling out bodies and carrying them to ambulances in sheets and on rope beds. There was no claim of responsibility but militants had earlier threatened to blow up the police post next to the mosque, residents of the area said.

“It’s surprising, those who claim that they are doing jihad and then carry out suicide attacks inside mosques during Friday prayers,” Khan said. “They are infidels. They are enemies of Pakistan. They are enemies of Islam,” he said.

The attack came hours before U.S. President Obama is to make a major speech on U.S. strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Af-Pak). Details continue to come in what has now become an all too familiar set of events.

24 responses to “Pakistan at War: 50+ Killed in Attack on Mosque”

  1. Kazmi says:

    What makes this even more worrisome is the sectarian nature of this. Another Muslim sect is being targetted to induce Muslim-Muslim fighting.

  2. D_a_n says:

    @ Till Drone do us part

    You asked a question…..I’ll answer it for you…

    Maybe …no one who saw who blew himself up has been able to come forward because of the rather small detail that they are…(how to put this so you understand)…..ALL DEAD????

  3. Fareed says:

    I think these religious fanatics are undermining their own legitimacy by such sectarian acts of murder. As we saw in your poll, this will only make teh public more angry at them. That is teh first step towards the elimination of religious extremism.

  4. Ali Dada says:

    my suggestion for Pakistani Government would be:

    – set up extensive, state-of-art monitoring system in these troubled areas and in sensitive areas across the country. Lay out a web of cameras, spies, speakers, bug phones, etc. We should be able to have an eye in every place.

    This is the only way we can identify who is causing such things and nail them for good. Until then, the only thing we can do is to pray that such things go away from Pakistan, Ameen.

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