Very Funny: Calling the Wrong Talat Hussain

Posted on April 17, 2009
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Adil Najam

Our contributor Shahran Asim sent me this really funny TV blooper clip.

The clip shows a newscast on Samaa New TV where the anchor thinks she is going to interview political analyst Talat Hussain; instead she finds herself talking to the TV drama actor Talat Hussain. Watch. Laugh. But be kind. Its a funny mistake. But maybe we need a few laughs now and then in our TV news; since the real news is so very depressing.

This TV blooper is reqally quite funny. Nearly (although not quite) as funny as this one we had posted about the re-take after re-take bythis TV news reporter. I wonder what happened to the producer whohad booked the wrong Talat Hussain.

15 responses to “Very Funny: Calling the Wrong Talat Hussain”

  1. Razi says:

    Such bloopers can happen on any network….even the Great BBC has seen its fair share of it. One of the classics is when they accidentally interviewed live on Air (someone who was waiting for a job related interview) as an ‘expert’ on the Online music industry.

    Hilarious indeed.

  2. Q.S. Salman says:

    Very funny indeed. But I think the anchor should have apologized or said something funny rather than acting as if nothing was wrong.

  3. Shiraz says:

    Newscaster may have asked the Artist Talat Hussain to comment any way :-)

    She could have said that in fact we are looking for artisit’s view points on situation at hand :-)

  4. Saad says:

    haha Adil Bhai
    reminds me of that ‘porter’ back on Eid:

  5. smssr84 says:

    lolzzzz zabardast!!! I like the way they handled the blooper!! with so much grace! and then thanked him for talking!!!

    Both Talat Hussains would be laughing hard!!! lolzzz it would have been funny if he would have given the answer and then told them that its a wrong #.

    lolzzz too good

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