Afridi takes 250th ODI Wicket

Posted on April 24, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Shahid Afridi took his 250th wicket in One Day Internationals (ODIs) today. He is now World’s 17th and Pakistan’s 4th bowler to achieve this milestone.

The top 10 list of Pakistani wicket takers in ODIs is below. The ranking in parenthesis is their World Ranking in terms of highest career wickets.

  1. Wasim Akram (World #2) 502 wickets at 23.52 runs/wicket
  2. Waqar Younis (World #4) 416 wickets at 23.84 runs/wicket
  3. Saqlain Mushtaq (World #12) 288 wickets at 21.78 runs/wicket
  4. Shahid Afridi (World #17) 251 wickets at 34.68 runs/wicket
  5. Abdul Razzak (World #19) 246 wickets at 31.13 runs/wicket
  6. Shoaib Akhtar (World #26) 220 wickets at 23.80 runs/wicket
  7. Imran Khan (World #35) 182 wickets at 26.61 runs/wicket
  8. Aaqib Javed (World #36) 182 wickets at 31.43 runs/wicket
  9. Mushtaq Ahmed (World #40) 161 wickets at 33.29 runs/wicket
  10. Abdul Qadir (World # 59) 132 wickets at 26.16 runs/wicket

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7 responses to “Afridi takes 250th ODI Wicket”

  1. Kasim Mahmood says:

    I’d like to share an instance which made me more happy to be a Shahid Afridi fan. When he visited San Diego, California, on behalf of Islamic Relief efforts to collect funds for Pakistan’s earth quake victim, one gesture stood out which made many people there respect his heart more than his cricket. That was when at one juncture, we were trying meet a 10 minute goal of $25000 in pledges to get a matching of $25000 by an anonymous donor. Since we had already collected about $70K, donor’s fatigue had set in, and after $10K, there was a silence and it appeared we might not meet the goal of 25K in 10 minutes to get the matching. At this point, Shahid Afridi offered to donate $15K out of his own pocket so we don’t miss the matching. The host had to request him not to do as he had already pledged a big amount earlier in Atlanta, and the point of him visiting was to motivate others and not donate again himself. In the end, we did manage to generate 25K and got the matching without having to use Afiridi’s 15K offer, but that small gesture showed his big heart, and earned more respect than his match winning performances on the field.

  2. m.asif says:

    well done keep it up.
    But everyone know afrdi is only a railow kata not a genuine player.

  3. Maroof says:

    Ap ne apne blog par new posting kyon nhe ki……..

  4. Indian Hindu says:

    Congratulations, well done
    Hope Pakistan and India will resume cricket soon

  5. Congratulations.

    However, I must say that Afridi was much more talented and was capable of greater feats. Who can foget his 37 ball century?

    Though he has managed a long innings and has served Pakistani cricket for years, he was considered an exceptional cricketer in his prime and he failed to do justice with his potential.

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