Introspection: Hasan Nisar Has His Say

Posted on April 25, 2009
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Adil Najam

Urdu columnist Hasan Nisar is known for his outspoken view. He can sometimes be a loose canon, but whether you agree with him or not (and I do not as often as I do) he makes you think. He certainly does that in this outburst on a TV talk show (this is an old recording, but I do not know from exactly when).

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  1. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up
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    it happens.

  2. Yeah he has really make his point. Therefore we should consider to present positive image of our country.

  3. Kamran says:

    Aaaah Qasim, your individualistic point of view saddens me.

  4. zia m says:

    No doubt,the West was uncivilized but they were able to reform their religion resulting in a tolerant and open society.We on the other hand are not able to do so and are suffering the consequences.

    One thing we need to understand,Muslim scientific revolution in medieval times did not occur because of Islam instead it happened inspite of Islam.

  5. Qasim says:


    You are exactly right! While civilization doesn’t mean we don’t have problems anymore, it means we get to deal with the problems we face, in a dignified, collaborative, amicable manner.

    My point was, that I didn’t think the US ever was, or is, an ideal example of what we should turn into. And I guess I reacted to nice, rounded, good-sounding platitudes and rhyming punjabi poetry phrases, using which the columnist appeared to highlight how wonderful the west was, and how we were responsible for every wrong that existed. And I felt that was an exaggeration of the facts.

    The US, as a foreign occupation force, tortures indigenous Iraqis in secret prisons like Abu Ghraib, while we are chronically abusive to our own people, not just in thaanas, but at courts, govt offices and such. I don’t know what is worse, and that contest probably isn’t relevant either. Both are wrong, and need to change. We need to focus on our own problems rather than point fingers at the US and what, where, and how they messed up. Because wherever they messed up, is their problem because it’d effect them, not us. However, when they try to mess our stuff up, for example, by selecting widely unpopular leaders and by their approval targetting parts of our sovereign nation with missile strikes, we need to muster up the courage to tell them this is wrong.

    Pointing out the wrongs they do to us and asking them to stop, doesn’t equate to pointing fingers at their personal problems, atleast to me. We definitely need to start dealing with our problems in a civilized, dignified manner, and a part of that consists of standing up when we’re wronged.

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