Ibn-e-Insha’s dil-e-wehshi

Posted on May 30, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I recently got hold of Ibn-e-Insha’s poetry book titled ‘dil-e-wehshi’. Once I started reading it was hard to put it down.

This book is Ibn-e-Insha’s third poetry collection. His first collection ‘chand nagar’ was published in 1955. Second collection was ‘is basti ke ik kooche mein’ which was published in 1976. Unfortunately he did not live long after that and left us forever on January 11, 1978. His third poetry book ‘dil-e-wehshi’ was published by his family in 1985. It contains his unpublished work from his ‘bayaaz’ and that is what makes this book so special. Following are some some selections from ‘dil-e-wehshi’.

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(5) and (6)

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10 responses to “Ibn-e-Insha’s dil-e-wehshi

  1. X0 says:

    Wehshi ko sakoon say kiya matlab
    Jogi ka nagar main thikana kiya

  2. Kamran says:

    Ajeeb maanoos aadmi tha, mujhay tou hairan kar gaya woh!

  3. Kamran says:

    How nice that ATP is honoring this man. This generation did produce a number of people with many many talents. I fear that the new generation does not even know of them.

  4. ASAD says:

    This was a great and many-talented man.

    The author of great humour as well as some very serious poetry like “Insha ji utho abb kooch karo.”

    He died very young but his work is amazingly rich. My favorite is “Kal chodhween ki raat thi”

  5. Aatish Lhoo says:

    What a great poet and writer .Remember his pieces in Intermediate Course about Urdu ki Akhri Kitab

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