Posted on October 15, 2009
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50 responses to “War Against Pakistan: Attacks on Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Kohat”

  1. Asad says:

    Mr. Adnan,
    How much more tolerant we are going to be? Where it’s going to stop? When the country is completely destroyed? Have not you seen enough? I might not be very knowledgeable about Islam but I do know that It teaches you to stop evil by force. Killing innocent people, bombing places of worship etc. is evil. So far what I know is that they are evil. Sorry, I was wrong, do not beat them shot them.

  2. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    I do not need these hateful mullahs to tell me how to live my life. Anybody who try to defend them should be condemned and beat up openly in the streets.

    Where is the lesson of tolerance which guys like you tirelessly give to others? You say Talibans and Mullahs don’t know true Islam but you do. If that’s the case then why did not the Prophet Muhammad(saw) asked His fellows to beat all those people who tortured Him in Taif?

    Sorry friend but why should you be hugged but not Talibans while both despise their version of “Mullahs”. Try to be different from them so that others can take you seriously.

  3. fan of atp says:

    boye ped babool ka, to aam kahan say haye.

    it’s a wake up call for pakistan, but i don’t think they will follow it.

  4. Raza says:

    @A soul in exile

    In defense of sane voices of Pakistan, I disagree with the notion that they did not speak…they did speak but their voices were ignored and eventually extinguished…they are speaking again…lets hope that they are heard this time…other than that I agree with most of what you wrote…

    @Krishnan KV

    I wish the world had more people like you, Suhail, Vivek, Vincent, and Zaid. I especially loved the idea of Pink Chaddi campaign!!!!

  5. shakeel says:

    Dawn reports that according to sources, the operation to start in the next 24hrs.