Balancing Act in Larkana: Will You, Can You, Do This?

Posted on October 26, 2009
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Owais Mughal

A young boy in is seen here trying to cross a bridge made out of bending green branches knotted together. The bridge is built on raw sewage drain.

A mis-step by the boy can cause more than physical damage. Note the smiling tamaash-been (spectators) on both sides.

The photo was taken in Larkana on October 2, 2009.

Photo Credits: Nadeem Akhtar at Associated Press of Pakistan.

9 responses to “Balancing Act in Larkana: Will You, Can You, Do This?”

  1. Tina says:

    risking his life to frolic over raw sewage. Very unappetizing.

    But if you didn’t know it was raw sewage, it looks like a lovely shaded canal and a bucolic small town. Mango orchards around Multan are also very beautiful. Lots of pretty places in Pakistan.

  2. aneela says:

    living in the times of the “bum bomber” they would rather a dunk in the poop than the entrails…

  3. Adam Insaan says:

    Jee hain,
    these youngsters are sure “challenge`ing” destiny ,
    -or at least N.Vestibulocochlearis and the Cerebellum as well as faculty of Vision.
    All seem to be intact , otherwise there is a gratis washing of clothes, without Ami`Jaans help.
    And there might be a ` besoin de sterilization┬┤ after such contact with water and flora d` Sewage.

    All in all I think the young men ought to be advised regarding this rather potential contamination posibility.

  4. Salman Awan says:

    Kids are just playing, a dangerous game though. You can notice a relatively better bridge in background a few feet away.

    the smiling ones are not the criminals. Criminals are not in this picture because they were attending joint session of parliament.

  5. Sajjad Junaidi says:

    They have made a ‘Puliya’ (small bridge) a smaller version of pul (bridge) found commonly in all small towns and in some suburbs of big cities built over raw sewage drains.

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