The Catch

Posted on November 13, 2009
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Owais Mughal

A fisherman is showing his catch to be sold in Larkana Fish Market. Photo Credits: Nadeem Akhter at APP

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  1. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “wow! what kind of fish is that?”
    – “if we look at the pic carefully, we can see the photo effects used over fish. It seems the editor has zoomed it or the fish is actually a fake pic . see enlarged image”
    – “:)) really?”
    – “I can agree with her. If you look at the fingers of fisherman, beneath fish, these also become big sized.
    so it could be the result of photo editing :)”
    – “yar ye artificial fish he lag rahi hay,qk real fish is tarha hath main nahi rukti..”
    – “its may be artificial….”
    – “technical work in the picture maximize the fish….”
    – “yap…”
    – “ItNi BaRi MacHlee:P”
    – “nai oye”
    = “Wow! Eid py esi ko Qurban krega yeh bnda shayed…;-) LolZ!”
    – “awesome yar fishes ka grand grand (grand)^89898 mother or father ha………….”
    – “love the fish”
    – “wat a fishhhh……”
    – “Beautiful”
    – “nt real 1”
    – “haye O rabbah!!”
    – “a great catch , i wish we could catch corrupts and hang them also in our country.”
    – “WOW!!”
    – “Is it”
    – “Its a camera trick. Look how big his hands are compared to his face. The fish is close to the camera.”

  2. Jabbar says:

    Waheed, where did you get that information from?

    Nice picture.

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    i don’t think the photo is photoshopped. But i do believe the fish may not be as large as it appears – clue is fisherman’s large fingers :) the perspective of depth is probably all bad in this photo therefore the things closer to camera look too big.

  4. AllahWasaya says:

    Mosy likely its not, but at the first glance the pic looks photoshopped!

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