Inspiration Pakistan: A Story of Struggle and Survival

Posted on December 24, 2009
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Adil Najam

I urge you to watch this clip. Watch it in full; its only 7 minutes long. Watch it to the end please – don’t skip to the end, even if you feel it is dragging. If you have not seen it already, you will surely be surprised; and moved.

BBC Urdu Shehr Kahani: Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya

Sufi had first introduced me to this BBC series through his wonderful post called Panni ka Bulbula and had also featured this video at Karachi Metroblog many months ago. Today, as I saw it again on YouTube I thought that even as we get all excited about the high political dramas of our times, the everyday struggles for survival like this deserve our attention… and our respect.

23 responses to “Inspiration Pakistan: A Story of Struggle and Survival”

  1. Sufi says:

    So much to learn from someone who has been a victim of neglect and apparently not very well read.

    She is the true hero of Pakistan. Thanks for sharing it, I actually get to see it once every year.

  2. Shabbir says:

    Haunting and so true, she captured so much in what she didn’t say, she said a LOT. Great post and great film making, especially the part where she was watching a film on television and singing along, good work whoever made it.

  3. Shazia says:

    Moving video. And very well produced. Captured my attention from beginning to end.

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