Posted on January 21, 2010
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19 responses to “Where Do Criminals Come From?”

  1. readinglord says:

    There is an old wise saying that crime is caused basically by three things: Zan, Zar, Zamein. But what we have forgotten today is the role of ‘Zan’ that is the ‘SEX’ in giving rise to crime. I recall a seminar on rape on TV a few years ago wherein a high official of Police had stated the following:

    “The police caught culprits in 13 cases of the most heinous crime, hous-break roberry, recently wherein all the culprits admitted that they had commited rape with victim family, but none of the latter complained about this crime in their FIR because as one of them told me on enquiry that they did not want to publicise their humiliation.”

    Our closed sociey which was already sex-starved is being made all the more hyper in this respect by TV, Internet, etc. by growing extremism in sex-segregation and the general sex-phobia with the result that rape has become so hipered that even children are not being spared. In fact today in our mullah-ridden society our religion has been shorn of all moral content and has been reduced just to a mechanical ritualization whereby all sins can be washed away by mere ritual ‘woozoo’, except, perhaps pissing with your face towards ‘Qiblah’ and blasphemy .

    So as stated by Dr, Pirzada, the problem being much deeper its solution has to be long term; requiring, in my view, perhaps changing the very mindset of the people. As a short term measure we should prescribe at least the punishment of castration for the rapist.

  2. obaid says:

    moojhen hoon tuo natho lal jesi.

  3. Umbreen says:

    I’m a huge fan of the ATP blog because I love the insightful, measured analysis on Pakistan from a local perspective (i.e. not ex-pats blogging from abroad about Pakistan.)

    That being said, this post actually really annoyed me as being the simplistic analysis we hear all too often.

    Urbanization is ‘bad’ because neighbors don’t know each other and act like strangers. That’s because lots of “outsiders” came to live in Lahore.

    What about all the GOOD things about urbanization and high urban density; like the ability to support arts and culture and the openness and creativity of urban culture??What about the fact that there is a strong case for urbanization being the solution to our climate problem??

    And oh yeah, can’t forget its these mostly poor “outsiders” who move the Lahore and can’t get good jobs and so there is crime.

    YES, YES, let’s focus on the petty crimes of purse and cell phone snatching that the ‘poor’ people do. What about the white-collar crimes? What about the politician crimes that result in multi-million dollar bank accounts overseas?

    Oh yes, and can’t forget. People are criminals because of values that are not traditional and because of TV and the INTERNET!

    Please ATP – stick to your regular writers!

  4. rose says:

    Education and parent involvement is very important in instilling values and hope in people.