Suggest a Title: Two Men on an Island

Posted on January 28, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Well, since the ongoing theme at ATP today is Pakistan’s rivers and water resources therefore how about this photo from a small island in river Ravi. Photographer is Muhammad Rizwan who took this photo on January 10, 2010 from the N5 road bridge .

When I first saw this photo, few questions came to me. How did these people end up there? How will they go back? Most likely the river Ravi is not deep enough here and these guys can just walk to the river banks. One guy has his ‘shalwar’ pulled up to his knees so they may indeed have walked to this island. But there are no waves in the water – look how perfect their reflection is in still waters – so if they did come by foot then it must’ve been a while ago. Too many questions arise from this one photo. One can also say – yeah so what? Who cares? That is fine too. In such case I would say this is just a snap shot of an event on January 10 in Pakistan which is not very common and hence qualified to make up to these pages.

baat se baat nikalti hai (one thing leads to another). This photo also reminds me of a joke.

One day two men were alone on a small island. One man saw a bottle floating on the water and took it (just like one of the guys in photo above is looking for something in the water). When he opened the bottle a genie came out. The genie said to the men “hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha. I will give you both a wish each – bolo kia maangta“. The first man asked “I want to go home”. The genie said “ok here you go.” The second man said, “I can’t stay alone in this island, I want him back.” The genie said “ok. Here he comes – hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha.”

15 responses to “Suggest a Title: Two Men on an Island”

  1. Masood says:

    The two guys are fishing. You could probably see two or three sticks in front of them. In the local language it is known as “lum dor”, basically a very short fishing rod. I would suggest the caption:
    “Dude, where’s my boat?”

  2. saima says:

    Don’t worry …i can walk on water

  3. Farrukh Shahbaz says:

    I can see debris even in this small island. Sad but typical of us.

    If the couple belongs to the ruling party, they must be wondering how to make some money by selling/allotting this land or water.

  4. FayXaan says:

    “we are making our own 2012”

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    hum to dube hain sanam. tum ko bhi….

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