Shame Shame Afridi: Ball-Biting Ain’t Cricket

Posted on February 1, 2010
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Adil Najam

Seems like everyone who should have been a role model is becoming a symbol of shame.

The most prominent “aalim” in the country is spreading jahalat. The President of the Republic is shouting obscenities. And our endeared sportsman is biting cricket balls to cheat his way to victory (which still alludes him). And all of this is just what we have been talking about the last three days!

Yes, that is exactly what he did. With Pakistan on a losing streak, having lost the first four one-day games and well on its way to losing the fifth, Shahid Afridi took the cricket ball and actually started biting it, even as the television camera was squarely focused on him doing so. And why would Shahid Afridi indulge in this illegal, and rather disgusting, form of ball tampering?

Here is his response, in his own words:

I shouldn’t have done it. It just happened. I was trying to help my bowlers and win a match, one match… There is no team in the world that doesn’t tamper with the ball. My methods were wrong. I am embarrassed, I shouldn’t have done it. I just wanted to win us a game but this was the wrong way to do it.

Is it just me or is he actually missing the point?

Read the statement again: “There is no team in the world that doesn’t tamper with the ball. My methods were wrong.”

What is he saying? That tampering is OK but his “methods” were wrong? Pray tell us, Sir, what would be the “right” method for tampering a cricket ball!

That Shahid Afridi, a cricketer so loved by the nation including at this blog, should do this makes the pain even more hurtful. Shahid Afridi has been slapped with a punishment of having to miss two 20-20 games. But, as blogger Teeth Maestro (where I first saw this video) argues, that is not enough and the Pakistan Cricket Board should itself look into the matter and provide sterner punishment.

Politics, media, and now sports. Let us please have some repercussions to bad behavior, somewhere!

48 responses to “Shame Shame Afridi: Ball-Biting Ain’t Cricket”

  1. Ahmed 3 says:

    Thanks Akhtar for claiming PCB Chief as a relative of the Defense Chief. There are many such Heads of Institutions who are either way related to one or the other Ministers. But that does not qualify him for being removed, but the turmoil created ever since he has taken over as the PCB Head. Things have been going from Bad to worse, except that only one T 20 Gold Cup was won during his tenure. The Musical Game of changeovers of Pak Captains which has lead to this stage can however be cited as reason. These changes frequent as they were could be reason of uncertainty in the team.

  2. winterwind says:

    didnt he know the grass they are playing is also green……. how could they ever win then…………

  3. Ahmed 3 says:

    No defense on the shameful act of Afridi! The age factor comment by Deedai Beena as being close to Afridis prime period may not be true in the present day happenings as many of the australians and even a sri lankan batsman mostly spinners are nearing their forties and still going strong. The Sri Lankan can be quoted as two well known ones as Murli and jaya suria. The other point which perhaps he skipped, is that the Pakis go in for Pepsi and not Cocoacola.

  4. Farhan says:

    Afridi!!!!! You Made the whole nation Embarrassed… shame on You man.. Its beyond Mistake what you have done…… Wish you could think about your country and nation before doing such childish act… very very Bad Man.

  5. Akhtar says:

    I guess we should remove the current PCB chief first of all. The cleansing has to start from him. What Afridi did is only a result of whats been cooking for a long time.

    Ijaz Butt is brother in law of Defence minister? I didnt know untill i read this: s-a-sifarishi-finally-confirmed/

    Can someone pls confirm?

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