Farrukh Ali Moon: Keep An Eye on This Young Man

Posted on March 8, 2010
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Adil Najam

Stunning. Amazing. Mesmerizing. Heart-warming. Need I say more.

I cannot find any information on this young man – child, really – beyond that his name is Farrukh Ali Moon. He looks like he is 10 years or so and one has to thank Hassan Nisar (an ATP favorite himself) whose show Choraha not only gives us candid and hard-hitting discussion but also infuses deep cultural aspects, not only in the set but in the style of discussion and, as this performance shows, in the substance of the show itself.

As I said, I cannot find any more information on him. But I am sure that will not be for long. Talent such as this always finds its way to the top!

24 responses to “Farrukh Ali Moon: Keep An Eye on This Young Man”

  1. Ammar says:

    Best hai….he has beaten Fuzon itself on the second one.We should also try to find out who is his tutor.

  2. AHsn says:

    He is already a great singer. The nature has given him a melodious voice. He is already at the TOP. He simply has to maintain his level. The effort to make him a TOP financial enterprise will spoil his talent and as AA says:
    “Won’t be surprised if this kid disappears in the pages of future.”


  3. What a performance thanks for sharing

  4. Suleman says:

    What a great hidden talent?
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. ali b says:

    elasticity of this boy`s voice is amazing, hope he has a good teacher who is competent and well versed in classical music in order to take him to the next level. All the best to Farukh.

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