Posted on March 12, 2010
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70 responses to “War Against Pakistan: Lahore Attacked, Again; At Least 7 Blasts Reported; 40+ Dead”

  1. Rafiq says:

    Why is that only when something happens in Islamabad or Lahore that we term it as war against Pakistan whereas everyday we have a bomb blast somewhere in Pakistan or some girls school is destroyed but it hardly even makes it to the mainstream news and its this indifference which has brought us where are today and can bring us to a point where we as a nation will cease to exist.

  2. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    @Obaid: just to help you; Sunni Tehrik is a millitant organization run by Barelvis. ISO(Imamia Student Org) is run by militant wing of Shia. Similarly MQM is an ethnic party run by left wing fascists.

  3. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    @Pakistani (by name): No I have no soft corner for ignorance which people also exhibit here and there.

    As far as killing of Muslims, they are being killed by every one; Army killing them,police killing them,drones killing them.Americans killing them here and there.

    BTW, according to latest report,1200+ people have been killed so far by Drone attacks which includes women and kids in majority. Do you remember when did you weep last time for them?

    And for your knowledge,I am not a Taliban sympathizer, it’s just I am not yet another left wing which happily preaches and endorse the extremism and fascism practiced by non-Mullah brigade and finger pointing their “competitors” all the time.

  4. Obaid says:

    “THEN THEY CAME for the Deobandies,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Deobandi.”

    No one came for deobandis…deobandis came for the rest of us. Taliban are deobandis as are many of the banned/sectarian outfits.

    But I get your point regarding rest.

  5. razia says:

    People, who are quick to label others as Taliban sympathizers or loyalist, are missing the point. Who exactly are these Taliban? Does any one know for sure? What is their source of arms or their funding?

    Do we who is entering and leaving the country secretly, without visas, who is running around carrying illegal weapons, who is exempt from police searches? Hillary Clinton admitted their immunity from search. Robert Gates admitted the secret presence of CIA. CIA hires Blackwater, which in turn hires locals.

    It shouldn’t surprise any one if these killers we call Taliban turn out to be hired killers. Expelling all foreign elements and stopping the Americans from using Pakistan as the supply route to Afghanistan would simplify things: it will take away the incentive/motivation/excuse/the resources of these killers whatever they call themselves. But, who is going to tell the big bully to stop meddling in Pakistan?

    Five years ago, if some one said things I have just said, I wouldn’t have believed. but I have come to know so much about the secret government of the united states that nothing is sacred for these United States of America. In a little book ‘What Uncle Sam Really Wants Naom Chomsky says that all American presidents since WWII should be tried as criminals. Obama may turn out to be the worst criminal of all.

    here is Manan Ahmed of Chapati Mystery: ioID=39586
    and Bill Moyer’s on Secret Government