Posted on June 11, 2010
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30 responses to “Giving Back: ATP Turns Four Today!”

  1. tariq khan says:

    ATp I have already posted my comments and forgot to recommend a charity Please consider Human Devlopement Foundation which is active in education health micro credit infrastructure and a holistic module of develpoement in all the provinces of pakistan sind punjab puktunkhwa balochistan azad kashmir and is looking into working in the new area of gilgit baltistan. for more info see hdf .com Tariq

  2. tariq khan says:

    Owais, Adil and the team at Pakistaniat, Mubarak, mubarak sad mubarak Pakistaniat has become a part of my life and the hipoint of many of my days, It is not always happy news but is always relevant and the the best posts are just interesting i.e the off road racing, the railways post the city posts pesonalities(manto and many others) the karachi posts(the tram post was phenomenal) aside from the great journalistic , political and contemporary topics and issue and just interesting posts Pakistaniat just oozes with love of pakistan and that is what is so wonderful May Pakistaniat and we all have many more celebratios of milestones Once again ATP bahut bahut shukria Your admiring reader Tariq

  3. Watan Aziz says:

    ATP, Faiz’s youthful pic is permanently anchored in. Faraz rotates in and out. Jalib shows up often.

    But Iqbal is rare.

    I like the three guys but I continue to ask, if the trio, regardless of their towering contribution, offer any vision of hope? Their poetry, as expressed here often, is depressing and full of lamentations. A lot of hand wringing. Helplessness. Distressed.

    Can we have a little more Iqbal? A little more message of hope? A little more vision with a lot more sunshine?

    ‘dekho, iss to “take it easy” loe’!

  4. Watan Aziz says:

    ATP, it would be nice if you list your plugins share. I like that you guys continue to tinker and see what works best.

  5. Watan Aziz says:

    ATP, I noticed you have Urdu as a category. Can you add Punjabi as category? And while at it, add Baluchi, Hindko, Pushto, Saraki and Sindhi as well?

    Really, more people in Pakistan speak these languages than Urdu as mother tongue. Pakistaniat is incomplete without these categories and the posts that relate to language or the culture can be tagged just as well.