1000 Words: Death By Petrol

Posted on November 1, 2010
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Illustration by: Murad Ali Shah Bukerai of Bukera Sharif, Tando Allahyar, in Daily Ibrat.

10 responses to “1000 Words: Death By Petrol”

  1. Awais says:

    no one of us wants to pay any tax, government imports patrol, and don’t gave a money to continue paying the subsidy so they have to the sell the patrol on a prize they buy from the market.

    Here in UK i pay 40% tax on my incomes, 10-15% national insurance and in spite of that i get Patrol @ 1.16£/L

  2. abbasi says:

    And if you somehow escape this petrol death you won’t survive the 17% electricity shock

  3. yes, the recent hike s gonna affect all aspects of life making things dearer n dearer already out of the approach opf the masses

  4. Kamal says:

    Sure, petrol prices effect everyone and make life harder, but this was really necessary. What has really happened here is that the ruppee has lost its value to the dollar terms. In real dollar terms (which is how we have to buy this stuff in the international markets) the price of petrol has been constant or falling in Pakistan.

  5. HarOON says:

    How very appropriate. Simple and powerful.

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