Posted on April 13, 2011
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20 responses to “Who Speaks for the Other Pakistan?”

  1. cool pics guys, i really like these photos of rural urban mix scene !

  2. SAM says:

    Condition at rural areas is worst.I had been to my village when i was younger but these area are at dearth of every resources.Sometimes if anyone goes there,will be feeling that we have came to some stone age era.Its not about the people,its because of this system we have.everyone struggles alot to get out of there and to go to some good colleges and unvesities;no hospitals are available.everybody strives hard to get to the place which they desire or even which are their neccessties.Urban environment is world apart from them.I wish that something could be happen for those people,so that they can also live at the ease of everything .

  3. Kamal says:

    Excellent article. And the silence on the comments show that NO ONE speaks for what you call ‘the other Pakistan!’

  4. Azra says:


    Actually that is not so. The urban poor have a collective voice. That can sometimes be captured by parties etc. but they have scale and therefore can protest and they do. In fact, parties respond to that voice again and again through protests. The rural poor do not have any such voice. Or very little.

  5. Faraz says:

    When it comes to having a voice, the rural poor and the urban poor are not much different. They share a lot of the same problems. And neither are heard. The weak and the poor don’t have a voice anywhere. So the article is a bit misleading.