Posted on June 10, 2011
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58 responses to “What’s Going Right in Pakistan”

  1. Sadiq ali says:

    Mr adil I dont agree that the youth is going in the right direction, the world is changing I do agree Pakistan is a young country witb more you citizens then rest of the world but at the same time it’s educational system is still not in the right direction, the government don’t have any programs to give it’s new generation skills the urban class educate them self at universities or go overseas but what about the majority of the poor class? who’s going to think about them. The world is in the corner of a new technological wave where AI, autonums vehicles, nano technology, quantum computing and so on these technologies will be slashing human labor faster then anyone thinks but I bet you Pakistans political class dont give a damn about it nor the young peoples of Pakistan. The TV channels are flooded with political shows, these courpt politicians are feeding them and teaching them to worhsip the politicians through television or internet so the generation don’t think about anything else when was the last time saw thousand of people’s came out on the streets for the clean water or proper health care or may be education but If i were to ask you that when they came out to eat a plate of biryani or qeemay walay naan at some political jalsa for ppp, pmnl or pti you know the answer right away. So I seriously doubt it.

  2. Hameed Shah says:

    I think that Youth is the biggest factor that is going to decide the future of our country. Even media campaigns are emphasizing this as seen by this ad being recently aired on TV channels.

  3. Hanif says:

    Hmm nice post. .

    there is a lot that is going right in Pakistan..

    i want Imran Khan to be next president … :)