President of Pakistan: With Many Withouts

Posted on December 4, 2007
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Saleem S. Rizvi Pictures sometimes speak volumes. The picture of Pervez Musharraf’s oath ceremony, shown all over the world, is certainly one of them. It speaks volumes, loud and clear, about a bitter and remorseless retired general who still wants to be at the helm of power by all means possible. After shedding his military […]

The Doctrine of Necessity

Posted on October 21, 2007
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by Saleem Rizvi No matter how powerful and compelling the arguments may be, in the face of a predetermined and/or preconcluded decision, the outcome would remain the same; the outrageous slaughter of justice at the hands of its guardians. The notion of letting the strongest decide who shall survive raises many problems. Instead of using […]

Saleem S. Rizvi By cleverly tiptoeing around the land mine of constitutional issues relating to General Musharraf’s electability in uniform and his second term as president, the majority of the nine- judge bench of the apex court has rendered a decision purely wrapped in legal technicalities. In simple words, the majority of the bench has […]