Innovation: Rickshaw Ho Tou Aissa!

Posted on January 11, 2011
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Uzair Sukhera

Auto Rickshaws – or ‘Ricksha‘ in more local parlance – are not just a popular mode of transportation in Pakistan, they are an expression of Pakistaniat. This blog has featured many different rickshaws (explore ATP’s Rickshaw collection here), but none like this one. This is not just about art and design on rickshaws, this is about a total redesign.

Everyone can remember the joys of rickshaw rides, including the high decibels of noise (though reduced by later CNG rickshaws) and the bone crushing bumpy ride. No matter how bad they maybe, they are by far the best way to commute in a busy metropolitan city without any formal mass transit system like subways or elevated trains.

We may lack in avenues of formal funding and support for innovation, but innovative minds are everywhere and are already making their move. Living in today’s Pakistan I have seen first hand the passion in our youth for engineering. One example that made me see the innovative spirit was the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia, another is this video of the so-called ‘VVIP Rickshaw.’ This, too, is innovation at work. Comfortable design, eco-friendly, chic and smart.

Rickshaw ho tou aissa!

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  1. Gardezi says:

    By the way, any idea what this thing cost. That will be key to its uptake.

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