Posted on July 7, 2006
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9 responses to “Guest Post: Telecom Action in Pakistan”

  1. ye joshua kon hay bhai idher?

    May i ask a simple question? Why can’t we have good broadband offerings in Pakistan? we are still dependant on 256kbps dsl while in India they offer muchfaster net in cheaper rates. Rs.500 for DSL in delhi.

  2. Babar says:

    For more about investment in Pakistan’s mobile market see my post: g-in-mobile-phone-companies-in-pakistan/

    Joshua – I hope this answers your question.

  3. sabizak says:

    You are right Mr. Siraj, but the point is the kind of music that the Indians produce they should indeed be clamouring for plagiarizing Pakistani songs all the time, at least we will get to hear SOME decent music in their movie that way.
    And i dont quite see your point about them giving credit wherecredit is due? First they rip off n artist’s intellectual property rights and then if someone somewhere has the decency to acknowledge its original source, we should jump up and cheer wildly for their ‘fairness’

  4. Naveed Siraj says:

    Sabizak – Yes, once you have made it to bollywood, you would be treated as a commercial success….this is a recent phenomenon in which Ali Zafar, Jal/Atif Aslam and Strings have benefitted commercially

    for most Pakistani artists who have got their work stolen and plagiarized and have not got any credit for it either for lack of flamboyance a’la Ali Zafar & Atif Aslam, the history of plagiarism is documented at

    credit ofcourse to indian connoisseur of music to give credit where credit is due