Posted on August 4, 2006
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3 responses to “Pictures of the Day: Adrenalin Rush”

  1. […] All this, and more, I worry about. And when I do, one of the places I seek refuge in is the photographic portfolio of Umair Ghani, whose work we have featured on ATP before. Umair’s work speaks poignantly and beautifully of the reality of rural life in Pakistan (Punjab in the case of these pictures). […]

  2. Bilal Zuberi says:

    compared to a gadha, these look like monstrous beasts. This must be quite a ride. I am reminded of a picture you put of a hari ploughing the field.
    On the topic of horse and cattle show, does the annual show in Lahore still capture the hearts and minds of people as it did when Sultan Golden used to do his long jumps? What is he upto by the way? Another topic for a dare-devil post?

  3. MSK says:

    First, what amazing pictures.
    Second, I am ashamed to say that I did not even know of these ox races. They look spectacular.
    Third, from the look of these, this looks like a very dangerous thing for the drivers. Right?