A Virtual Rickshaw Ride

Posted on August 24, 2006
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Adil Najam

We at ATP are especially fond of rickshaws. The classic piece is Owais Mughal’s in-depth treatise on the art and science of the motor (auto-) rickshaw (here). But we have also shared with you the rickshaw driver’s 5-point manifesto for Karachi (here) and information about the newest ‘happenin’ thing in three-wheeler technology: the Qingqi (here).

It is, of course, clear to us that despite all our romantic fascination with the three-wheeler, the ‘memory’ of the rickshaw is infinitely more comforting than an actual ride on one. We present, therefore, this virtual ride on a Karachi Rickshaw – from Pehlvangoth to Dastageer.

It takes just 20 seconds, but if you rewind and review enough times it will make you feel like you are actually sitting on a Karachi rickshaw; but without the attendant pain in the spinal area. For most realistic effect, turn teh volume up loud. Enjoy!

Click on arrow at center, or view it directly here

Pehlvangoth to Dastageer

8 responses to “A Virtual Rickshaw Ride”

  1. Eidee Man says:

    “you can all try to guess how we did that”

    Frankly, I don’t WANT to. :D

  2. Raza says:

    There is nothing like a Pakistani experience than a ride in a rickshaw. Who needs the thrill of amusement park rides when you can do that everyday by taking a rickshaw to your destination. By the way last year, we crammed 6 people on a rickshaw (including the driver of course)…you can all try to guess how we did that.

  3. shbn says:

    @ Rabia:

    I know what you’re talking about. What’s even better is when the pavement is on a steep slope…but then you’re praying that the rickshaw doesn’t topple over!

    And then there’s the one thousand mirrors in the back seat that are more like funny mirrors…the ones which contort your face. I thought that was hilarious!

  4. Rabia Bashir says:

    Rickshaw rides cover different aspects like thrill, fun, and fear :) I have taken rickshaw rides in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Faisalabad. Each ride had a different feeling to it. In some rides, literally, I came to senses when the tri-wheeler stopped :) Some I really enjoyed to take. One in particular was totally insane as the rickshaw driver took it on the pavement in an attempt to overtake a taxi. Sounds real thrill. Isn’t it?

    Safe and enjoyable rickshaw riding folks!

  5. shbn says:

    With not much happening in the spinal area it hardly seems like a rickshaw ride(Probably because the gas fumes were not there). Still quite a nostalgic clip. Thanks for sharing :)

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