Picture of the Day: Somebody stole this train!!!

Posted on August 29, 2006
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Bilal Zuberi

How can somebody steal a whole damn train? Well, they can, and did!

Stolen Train

Supposedly the ‘thief’ was a crazy person from a town near Karachi, who stole the train, drove it down the track for 20 miles and almost caused a serious accident as he was only yards away from colliding with a crowded passenger train. For a while this was being considered a terrorist attack, but it turned out not to be so.

The culprit, according to BBC, was identified as Madan, a resident of Hyderabad.

Staff of Pakistan railway work at engine which was diverted onto service lane in Karachi, Pakistan, Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006. A Pakistani man stole the unattended train engine from a southern station, driving it more than 30 kilometers (20 miles) and dangerously close to a passenger train on the same line before being arrested, police said. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil)

And how did the train get left unattended? Well, its the damn tea again. When its time for tea, we Pakistanis drop everything and just go savor our thirst :).

The railway engine was stolen from a marshalling yard near Karachi after its driver and fireman left it to have tea, officials say. They say that the accused man, Madan, drove the engine 30km (20 miles) towards Karachi and did not stop at two stations in between – prompting fears of a major terrorist incident. A passenger train, plying the same railway track, was stopped at the main Karachi cantonment railway station to avoid a major accident. The Divisional Superintendent of Karachi, Mir Mohammed Khaskheli, said that the stolen engine was then diverted to a loop line where engineers were able to bring it to a halt.

Madan’s wife, Jabli, and his son, Ramesh, told newsmen in Hyderabad that he was admitted to a mental asylum three months ago but had managed to abscond. They said that they came to know of his whereabouts when they saw Madan’s pictures on a local TV channel on Wednesday.(BBC)

15 responses to “Picture of the Day: Somebody stole this train!!!”

  1. jyoti says:

    :) Gabbar would have impressed:):)

  2. Adil Najam says:

    :-) Jyoti, you are right… he does look like Sunil Dutt in the early days…..

    Its actually Mustafa Qureshi, not Sultan Rahi… the ultimate bad guy of Pakistani movies and (for my money) a dialogue master par excellence… in his own mind, I think, only Dilip Kumar is better at dialogue delivery… and for some of his fans, even Dilip does not match him.. ;-)

    Anyhow, I am a big fan of his… his dialogue delivery… and his style… this is from a film poster for Maula Jatt… where his great line was “Nawa aa-ya hai sooniaya!” …. (so, you are new here, my darling)… and he says this as a prisoner to the new jailer who is trying to be a tough guy with him…. very Gabbar Singh, if you ask me.

  3. jyoti says:

    Hey, Adil! Is that Sultan Rahi in the blog- banner? Looks like Sunil Dutt from his some “Daku” movie:)

  4. jyoti says:

    @Fakeer. no, no. It was not that the train ran away beacuse it was automated. It just “ran away”. then one young chap in the nearby field noticed it, clibed on the train ( it was a “maalgaadi” i think, reached up to the engine and somehow managed to stop the train. He was later awarded for bravery.
    @ Bilal, yes, I can imagine them having their chai:) I was once waiting on a small town railway plateform for my train when a “maalgaadi” pulled in the station. It was not supposed to stop their and the railway gaurd was waving the green flag at the train-driver. The driver showed him an empty tea-glass and the gaurd promptly started waving the red flag! the train stopped a few feet ahead, near the railway crossing where a “chaiwala” served the driver chai and after a few minutes, the train left. I still smile at the memory:)
    @iFakeer. Just look around instead of reading newspapers and watching TVnews, and you will find many endearing tales of life in Pakistan. Have a good day.

  5. The guy had guts I must say :>

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