Posted on September 21, 2006
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125 responses to “In The Line of Fire: Book Tour Details”

  1. Usman says:

    Yes exactly, I would also like to know about your PMA training.

  2. U HAVE not mentioned the activities of your training in the PMA

  3. Sahar Andaaz says:

    ‘In The Line of Fire’ is an excellent journey to understand the role of Pakistan in shaping modern world in context of her history, resources, challenges and sacrifices. President Musharraf has boldly and openly expressed his version and vision about lot of issues. To understand why Pakistan joined war against terror after 9/11 and how Pakistan hunt the master terrorists of Al-Qaeda, its a must read book for every one. Excellent work, President Musharraf…

  4. Mus says:

    Of all the books that I have read,Musharraf’s self-declared autobiography is the most boring and a piece of rubbish.Not that no one wants to read his mind as if we don’t know what’s on his mind and whats in his heart.The problem with Musharraf is he speaks too much and every time he speaks he utters blundering statements which get him into more trouble.
    An average Pakistan doesn’t want to see him or hear him and to make it worse we have his book now.
    I would recommend don’t waste your money buying his book.Its too boring.

  5. ali says:

    nO you cant, you can get in 500rs in local book shop though…:)