Posted on September 28, 2006
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9 responses to “ICC Decisions: Victories for Pakistan?”

  1. Adil Najam says:

    As many of you would have alreaday heard, Darrell Hair has now been banned from officiating in internationals:

    Pressure from the four-nation Asian bloc has seemingly forced the ICC’s hand and Hair will no longer be permitted to officiate in internationals involving any full member side. [ICC CEO] Speed revealed that he’s spoken to Hair last night, after the decision was taken and added that they will make an effort the protect Hair’s interests. “I’ve said it a number of times that I hope we can find a way for Darrell to umpire,” he said. “The board has resolved that they don’t wish Darrell Hair is appointed to umpire international matches. I spoke to Darrell yesterday after the decision was made. I told him about it and he was very disappointed. David Richardson, who is the ICC General Manager of Cricket, and myself will speak to Darrell over the next few days and talk about what it means to him.

  2. [quote post=”331″]Excellent dimplomacy by Sheheryar Khan[/quote]

    Bilal You must be kidding. Good diplomacy by Shehrayar? He came out as a moron in England when Pakistani team didn’t decide to back in field and Shehryar was backing them up. How come such older man didn’t advise the team this childish step would result something worst[which finally happened]? Shehryar is one of the worst PCB chairman in the history of Pakistani Cricket. Inzy was released not because of Shehryar but credit goes to Mr. Ranjan. Everyone knew that they didnt have any solid evidence against Pakistani team so any unbais person could comeup with a decision like Mr Ranjan’s verdict.

    Speaking of Shehryar’s skills, that man still not able to reach to decision that whether Hair should be attacked back by Pakistan for insulting the team or not. He’s actually discussing ICC about it. Duh.

  3. Eidee Man says:

    Yes, good outcome for Pakistan and Inzi, all things considered. It would behoove Inzi to act more like Imran Khan in the future.

  4. Talha says:

    Makes sense…I am begining to like how the events are taking place.