Hot off the Urdu Press – 6

Posted on February 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This is the sixth episode in the series of Urdu Press news. The previous five news collection can be read here: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Click on the Urdu news text below to view enlarged and more readable images.

(1) Warrants issued in ‘ratota’ Case

Looks like Department of Jungle (Forestry) is looking for actress Saima. But why? She is alleged to have made a wild ratota domesticated and this action has allegedly broken a law of the land (or the jungle?). What is a ‘ratota’ by the way? I know it is some kind of a parrot but an exact definition from our knowledgable readership will be highly appreciated. Don’t forget to click on Urdu text below to see a larger image of this nawaiwaqt special.

(2) It is tools down in Quetta guys!

Over the years you must’ve heard about all kinds of union strikes e.g. ‘pen-down strike of Government clerks, ‘wheel-jam’ strike of political parties, ‘shutter-down’ strike of trade unions, ‘hunger-strike’ of the hungry etc. Following one liner in Jang caught my attention though. When Pak Telecom Union decided to go on strike, they thought about kind of trade union strike they should do; Then they thought even more and finally decided to put down their ‘tools’ :) I just love the word ‘auzaar-choRh’ (tools down)

(3) Operation Midnight

This is not the latest news. It happened a few months ago and was reported in Jang. I saw it in my news archive tonight and wanted to share. City of Rawalpindi conducted an ‘operation midnight’ to rid city of burgeoning population of buffaloes. One late night a mass exodus of buffaloes was ordered by the city administration. If any complaint of the presence of a buffalo were to be received then administrative action was promised against the sanitation inspectors of that particular area. The inspectors could even lose their jobs. I wonder how is the situation in Rawalpindi now. Are the buffaloes gone?

(4) Spellings Galore

Sometimes an innocent ‘imlaa ki ghalati’ (spelling mistake) makes an otherwise solemn statement hilarious. This is what has happened below in a Jang news. The word ‘crore’ (=10000000) has been mistakenly written as ‘maroR’. I don’t know how to exactly translate the word ‘maroR’ but it roughly means wayward movement of liquid in one’s stomach during indigestion. Enjoy the one liner below:

4 responses to “Hot off the Urdu Press – 6”

  1. this is a good step.expect in few truely exceptional cases and link to longer it.

  2. iceCube says:

    >>forest officer tried to spend a night

    Man don’t you think that is a bit demeaning. You can’t slap an allegation like that on to someone.

  3. Indscribe says:

    So, is it Rattu+tota=Ratota!

  4. In Pakistani style, Ratota mean a perrot who has ability to learn words of any language. I think an forest officer tried to spend a night with Siama and when deal didn’t work out, he filed a complaint against her and tried to teach her a lesson.

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