The Rhythms of Karachi

Posted on February 27, 2007
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Adil Najam

Since we are on a roll here in talking about Pakistani cities, I thought I would share with you this very interesting video on Karachi I saw posted on Karachi Metroblog. It is done by something called ‘Chai Panni Productions.’ Unfortunately I could not find much information about them (if anyone knows, lease share). I have titled the post as I have (instead of using the title ‘Dekh Magar Piyar Se’) because it struck me that his does capture the rhythms of Karachi so wonderfully and authentically. I like it for the same reason that I liked the video we had posted earlier on Nihari in Karachi. While I was not particularly impressed by the child reciting rote learned ashaar (because of the selection), but the pace and the sound, and the style made me think back fondly of the years I spent as a child in Karachi.

12 responses to “The Rhythms of Karachi”

  1. Farrukh says:

    Glad to see that educational institutions are encouraging students to do projects like this. Wish we had such fun things to do when we were studying.

  2. Daktar says:

    Sara, please accept congratulations from me to you and your freinds for a very well done project. I do think that keeping it shorter, maybe 5 minutes in all would have been nice.

  3. jyoti says:

    jalebeeeee:) and baraf Gola:) wow.. so very much like “Aamachi Mumbai” ( hamaari Mumbai in Marathi). very cute. And what’s that tall, round building in the 3rd part? It looks so much like Nehru Centre in Mumbai..

  4. Sara Faruqi says:

    Hi, Im a member of Chai Paani Productions. We are students from The Lyceum School. Initially this project had started out as a group of photo’s on Karachi, but we felt that we could’nt really represent the city without showing all of it’s sights and sounds. And Adnan is right we didnt even cover half of the city, but that was beacuse we had to limit oursleves to 15 minutes (although we did pass it) and also we only had about 4 weeks to make the whole film. Although we do have shots of Nazimabad and FB Area and gulshan we just didnt label them becuase these shot are scattered all over the documentary.

  5. Samdani says:

    Saw this again. At the end of the first clip when he asks thsi girl for directions, her answer is quite funny. “I usually go with my driver and do not pay much attention to the road.”

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