Posted on February 28, 2007
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75 responses to “Karachi Going High: 1947 ft Building on the Horizon”

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  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    @ please understand, Karachi should and must develop according to the requirements of Karachiites, respecting
    environment, ecology, population control, education,
    medical facilities, maternity qualities, and above all a
    decent intelligent habitat including all the norms and
    regulations. Is it not enough ? sykscrappers and you
    don’t even have a fire department. !!

  3. city spy says:

    there are some wrong decisions made in building up khi like the thing which i saw these two new building which are getting to be built near 2 talwar clifton.I dont think the place is a good idea because we have already seen what has happened to (THE PLAZA) it has cost a traffic problem and with these two new buildings, it is going to ruin cliftons peace . making a sky scraper is good but over here it will lead to frustration to people by traffic problems.i know my advice is not going to stop this but these govt guys are so stupid i cant believe this. so i would like to tell them that next time they must think about this because tall buildings are not important than public peace.If this continues it will lead to more frustration.

  4. mustafa says:

    Its nothing bad in reclaiming mr Rafay Hassan and what is your point of karachi getting ugly what do you want ? karachi to be like it was before?karachi needs to be modified, for gods sake i dont under stand whats the problem with you people always complaining about govt’s work well they have got better than before but not perfect and this is the first time so much work has got done in khi. now i know wat u are thinking, you will say what work? they have just dug roads every where and we are having problems, well i tell you these guys are not perfect but they are giving their best and any wayzz it has to start from some where,and this is the start of a new reveloution loads of problems will occur in the future but it will be for our own good.
    so my opinion is that dont complain about our country, do the best to help it!

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    He is only 13 and thinks that skyscrappers will bring
    reputation of Pakistan, the generation who has ideas
    like this, I can see Pakistan very soon sinking in Arabian
    sea, Will Karachi, our Karachi, look like ugly Hongkong, Shaghai, Singapor, New york to look “good” reputed.

    For God’s Sake, Leave Karachi alone, aou are killing it
    slowly, load-sheding, sewerage water to drink, pollution,
    unhealthy faces, sick faces, inhuman attitude,
    artificial western wannabe’s style, horrible English
    accent, nonsensical TV, people not laughing, just
    staring at you with a long face, this was not my Karachi,
    somebody has suffocated our Karachi !