Posted on March 31, 2007
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24 responses to “Traffic: The Unique Driving Rules of Lahore”

  1. Justuju says:


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  2. S. Jamil says:

    Excellent Post, Still Valid, though written 2 1/2 years back. Looking at the current messy state of traffic, it seems, this post will still be valid after 15 years.

  3. Rizwan ul haq says:

    Ok, i agree there are lot of problems with the traffic conditions in Lahore. I’d drove in Lahore for over 3 years and now am in Germany for the past year.

    i agree many drivers have problems but it is not the core problem. The main traffic problem is the roads, the way traffic is controlled and finally illegal traffic on major roads.

    If you go to any standard roads e.g Jail Road, Main Bolueward Gulberg, Upper Mall, you see traffic conditions are much better even under rushy hrs.

    I was ticketed twice, just bcz the signal at Jinnah Hospital Chowk goes from green to red in no time. The signal was green, am passing it… traffic is almost jammed and meanwhile it goes red; and i come to know im fined. Traffic situation in Lahore needs hell lot of improvement.

    1. First of all roads needs to be standardized with special emphasis on turns, signals, u-turns etc

    2. Under rush hrs, all small u-turn, etc should be blocked.

    3. Chalan system should be automated so that no one can escape as in EU, u get ur fine posted at ur home addr.

    4. Finally with strict policy in place, ppl will automatically start getting cautios, but if they can escpae; u never can hope for a better situation.

    Last but not least, driving at late hrs in Lahore is fun, something u can never experience in EU :D

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ H.H.Seym,

    bitte ! can you print your comment and present it
    to the Ministry of Transport, and distribute the same
    to all the newspapers, TV channels and schools, and don’t forget all the Political Parties, and DRIVING SCHOOLS.